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The Addictions Academy welcomes Recovery Unplugged as a preferred partner treatment center

A Lifeline to Quality Addiction Help

When drug and alcohol addiction impacts families and friendships, many become paralyzed with fear and uncertainty.  They can’t help but feel a sense of frustration and powerlessness as they’re forced to watch the bright, vibrant and caring person they love further and further into the disease.

As hopeless as the situation may seem, families and friends can empower themselves to help their addicted loved one overcome substance abuse and reclaim their lives, and this often begins with the intervention process. Recovery Unplugged understands the urgent nature of addiction, and offers prompt, experienced and professional intervention services to help you get your loved one back.

A Committed Advocate during the Intervention Process

Addiction intervention is a deeply person and emotionally charged process. For this reason, many are reluctant to rely on an outsider to help organize the meeting. It’s important to realize, however, that an experienced professional interventionist can act as a detached and objective voice during the process. The primary advantages of professional interventionist include:

  • Professional Assistance with Logistical Arrangements
  • A Calm and Objective Voice to Guide the Meeting
  • Quick and Expedited Entry into Treatment
  • Experience in the Behavioral Pathology of Substance Abuse

Recovery Unplugged offers committed and qualified intervention experts to help make the process easier and maximize the chances of success.

You Have More Power Than You Think

It’s never too late to pull your loved one back from addiction. Recovery Unplugged is standing by to begin the treatment process through seamless and effective intervention services. Our interventionists understand how hard it is to begin the road to recovery are ready to offer compassionate and informative guidance. The intervention process not only has the power to heal individuals, it also heals families.

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