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Prescription Medication Misuse And Abuse

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 Prescription Medication Misuse and Abuse

Question:  “My daughter is using prescription medications for depression and anxiety.  I just saw something on the internet that shows the kids are snorting and shooting these medications.  She was given Klonopin.”  Karen P., Chula Vista, California.

Answer:  Cali Estes says-  “Any prescription drug can be abused, misused or given away or sold for something else.  There are 2 types of anxiety: rational and irrational.  If her fear is rational (ie” she was in a car accident and almost died, she may need some medication in addition to therapy) but if it is irrational, with no basis, I would start with therapy before medications, because medications will only mask the underlying issue without therapy.

Klonopin is a heavy drug and should not be misused, or taken while driving, it can also not be mixed with other medications, so I would be sure there are no mixed medications and she addresses the underlying cause of the anxiety, otherwise she will be dependent on meds and then you have a whole separate issue when addiction sets in.

You have to remember the doctor sees her for 15 minutes and his job is to remove any pain she is having, not to solve her core issues.”

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