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Admission Call Center Training Webinar (Group Training)


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Admission Call Center Training Webinar (Group Training)

Is your treatment center struggling to get people in the door and make them clients? You spend a lot of money on advertising, marketing, and branding your treatment center and your sales team falls short. That is because most treatment centers do not put any money into their admissions call center staff, and they assume that the staff just knows how to sell treatment.  They don’t, treatment centers fail here because they either hire someone that just went through the program to sell the program or they hire some big expensive sales guy that used to sell a completely unrelated product like cars or widgets, and both fail. Train your staff in legal and ethical techniques to close those calls.

For $3500 you get an unlimited staff class online webinar, customized to your drug and alcohol treatment center, call center or mental health facility.   

Please call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 the schedule your unlimited staff course date.


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