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Anger Management for the Workplace


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Anger Management for the Workplace ($3500.00)

Anger is often the most misunderstood of all emotions and is simply repressed hurt or lack of control. Depending on the person, their childhood, and how they perceive stress they can be passive-aggressive or aggressive. Neither coping skill gets your needs met and is harmful in the long run. It is how you deal with stress and what coping mechanisms you use to handle it that determine if you need anger management training. Anger Management Class in the Workplace (which meets all court requirements) is key to understanding a successful team environment. How you function as a unit dictates your sales and productivity. We can help you understand your team unit and remove the toxic behaviors in the environment.
Our 5-hour in-person, live online or video class meets all court requirements and a certificate of completion is offered after the class for all participants. Class is for unlimited staff


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