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Nationally Certified Nutritional Recovery Coach (NCNRC) Webinar


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May 4th-5th  2022 ($1599.00)

In our Nationally Certified Nutritional Recovery Coaching course, (includes ethics class, supervision) we will address the importance of rebuilding a relationship with wholesome foods, and the necessity of good nutrition throughout addiction recovery. With our Certified Nutritional Recovery Coach training program you will be equipped to help your recovery client in healing their body and restoring health, through nutrition. ALSO includes FREE 10 hours online self-study food addiction coach certification program.  

Live virtual classroom room 10-3 EST

$1599.00 SAVE $1698.00

Also included in the price:

  • Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach self-study
  • Ethics by self-study included
  • Copy of #1  Best Selling Workbook
  • All exams and certifications
  • 10 weeks of clinical supervision
  • 36-hour program for recovery coaching


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