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Speaking from the Stage



How to Perfect Your Story to Land Gigs and Sign New Clients

Starts September 16, 2019 $999.00

This course is taught by JoBeth Evans. JoBeth is certified in addiction recovery, life and harm reduction through The Addiction Academy. She has taught public speaking for six years at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville where she has taught over a thousand students who were preparing for careers in business, medicine, education, agriculture, and hospitality.
Crafting your story and learning to deliver it from a stage is the most powerful thing you can do for your business. Imagine getting on stage in front of 1,000 people and telling a story that is so compelling that people are lined up wanting to speak to you after the event. People are inspired into action and that is exactly how you land clients from a stage.

In this 7 week course, JoBeth leads you through the process of writing and delivering a speech that will leave an impact on your audience. You will learn how to sell from the stage and tell a remarkable story that connects with your audience and leaves them wanting more. Whether it is an audience of six or an audience of a thousand the stage is the perfect place for you to tell your story and get noticed.

You can have the perfect the speech and all the good intentions but if your delivery is not polished and professional the speech could have a negative impact on your audience. This course will teach you how to channel your nerves as excitement which will allow you to radiate confidence and energy for your topic and audience.

Delivering a powerful speech is the most challenging part for most people. Many speakers struggle with swaying back and forth and side to side, not looking at their audience, using repetitive hand gestures, using filler words like “um” and being monotone. These are things that distract an audience from your message and therefore must be eliminated from your speeches. In this course, you will learn how to do this and how to leave an impact with the “wow” of your delivery and the power of your story.

If you are ready to tell your story with power and influence call us today!

7 Week Group

    • Week 1: Introduction to Writing Your Story
    • Week 2: How to connect with Your Audience
    • Week 3: The Power of Voice
    • Week 4: How to Channel Nerves as Excitement
    • Week 5: Stage Presence
    • Week 6: Critiquing Your Work
    • Week 7: Marketing Your Speech & Selling from the Stage & Networking Events

Meet one time a week

      • 1 individual session with the draft
      • 1 individual session with the delivery
      • Review of your Drafted Speech
      • Review of your speech delivery
      • Speech Outline Template
      • Example Speeches
      • How to Sell Yourself
      • 7 Example Speeches
      • 7 Articles to further understanding of speaking

7 Weeks starts soon!
1 Hour teaching Session is through video and power point.
15 minutes at the conclusion of class to answer questions.
Allowed to send emails throughout the week to offer guidance
Students will be sent a workbook that includes a brainstorm page, example outline, great one-liners.
What if I don’t have a good story? What do I do? Answer in the very beginning.
Tips on eliminating “um, like, you know” from your vocabulary.