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June 6th – 7th  2024 (1599.00)

Our Nationally Certified Sex Addiction Coach Certification (NCSAC) program offers you the ability to become certified as a Nationally Certified Sex Addictions Coach (NCSAC), along with our certifications in life coaching and recovery coaching (pre-requisites).

With sex addiction coaching training, you will gain proven clinical insight into treating addictive behaviors involving pornography, prostitutes, multiple affairs, plus training on intimacy issues with your partner.  Both men and women are seeking sex addiction counseling and sex addiction coaching now more than ever for sexually addictive behaviors. Becoming a Nationally Certified Sex Addictions Coach (NCSAC) distinguishes you as a certified addictions coach that specializes in sex addiction and intimacy issues. If you are in recovery from sex addiction, or the partner of a sex addict, this program is for you.  Dr. Cali Estes is pleased to offer this program in the IMAC as well.

NOTE: There are TWO prerequisites to this course, and both must be completed to participate in our Sex Addiction Coaching Certification Program. Those are Certified Life Coach and Certified Recovery Coach. Also included is an ethics class and 10 hours of supervision. We do offer Job Board, Networking, and Business/Private Practice assistance. We also hire from within once you are trained, certified, insured, and bonded.

What is included in our Sex Addiction Coach Training? (NCSAC)

  • What a sex addiction coach is and what they do
  • The DSM 5 definition of sex addiction
  • How sex addiction and porn addiction are different
  • Love versus sex addiction
  • How to spot hidden resentments
  • Impulse Control issues versus Compulsions
  • Understanding Intimacy and Control issues
  • How to coach the partner and the sex addict
  • How a process addiction is different than a drug and alcohol addiction
  • Understanding Partner Betrayal Trauma
  • How lying and manipulation can ruin your marriage/partnership
  • Sex addiction and narcissism
  • Gaslighting and ghosting as it relates to sex addiction
  • Addiction and the brain
  • Punishment versus reward deficiency syndrome
  • Serotonin and dopamine and sex addiction
    and much more

What is included in our Certified Life Coach Training:

  • How to Life Coach
  • Active vs. Passive Listening Skills
  • The structure of the life coach sessions
  • Accessing Community Supports
  • Action Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Relationship ideals
  • Financial and Business Coaching Techniques
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Duties and Responsibilities of a Life Coach
  • Understanding learning styles and motivation to change
  • Overcoming obstacles and barriers
  • Understanding Balance
  • Laying the proper coach foundation
  • 11 Core Competencies of a Life Coach (ICF Model)

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