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So excited to share the virtual stage with the great Dr. Vera Tarman and JJ virgin. Click the link and register for the FREE summit below. I will share some secret tips and tricks that I give my celebrity clients to kick the sugar habit.

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If you are ready to help others with their Food Addiction You need this training!
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Food addiction and it’s unhealthy consequences are becoming more and more obvious in today’s society. Food addiction education is becoming more readily available to those who have interest in learning about food addiction and what foods are extremely addictive and why those foods are extremely addictive.
Did you know that a high percentage of foods have sugar in them whether they are considered sweet food or dessert-like food? Many of our complex carbohydrates turn to sugar when being metabolized and become just as addictive as a piece of chocolate cake would be. And I bet you would be surprised at the percentage of our population that actually think Doritos are a food. Well I am here to tell you that bananas are a food. Grapes are a food. Carrots and broccoli are foods. But Doritos and Lucky charms are not foods! They are food-based products that can be just as harmful and destructive as heroin and cocaine.
Do you ever wonder why you can see a carton of your favorite ice cream or a box of your favorite cereal and you get a sudden urge to purchase this and eat this while you do not get the same urge when you see carrots, broccoli or cauliflower which you might like just as much as the cereal and ice cream. This is because the food items such as broccoli, grapes and carrots are made of real nutrients and minerals which our bodies need, while the food-based products such as ice cream, chips and cereal are made of man made side products such as processed sugar and fillers that are highly addictive.
These food-based products are highly addictive because the ingredients in these products ping the brain much like drugs and alcohol do and release our feel good endorphins which causes us to want to repeat that feel good cycle over and over by ingesting these harmful foods. This repetitive ingesting of these harmful foods cause serious health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes and can lead to extremely poor health and an extremely poor lifestyle or even death. Food addiction is just as serious as any other diction and just as harmful as any other addiction and we need to educate ourselves just as much as we would educate ourselves on cocaine or heroin addiction.
Dr Cali Estes and her online training school, The Addictions Academy, have the industry’s BEST educational class on Food Addiction and it is available to you next on March 5th and 6th. ALL the class details and class registration can be found at the following link . Remember that all classes come with 10 weeks of supervision to make sure you are using your new skills correctly, Ethics class by self study, all certificates and certifications and a copy of our best selling workbook. So please click on the following link for class info and registration and click on the secondary link to watch Dr. Cali Estes discuss food addiction and the differences in food and food based products! You can also call us to register at 1-800-706-0318.
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