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Reality TV Shows Are Not What You Think. Dr. Cali Estes Discusses Temptation Island with VOX


Reality TV Shows Are Not What You Think

Dr. Cali Estes Discusses Temptation Island with VOX
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Reality TV shows are not what you think. If you’re looking to become an actress or gain followers on TikTok Instagram or Snapchat auditioning for and starring in if that’s what you wanna call it a reality TV show is the way to go. But thinking that you’re going to actually get therapy in one of the settings were alcohol possibly other illicit substances flow freely is not exactly correct. I’ve had a lot of celebrity clients including those on housewives and several other reality shows and I can tell you that reality TV will cause more damage than good.

Here is my interview regarding temptation island and why I think if you were already in a problematic relationship that not knowing where your significant other is or if they’re cheating it’s probably not a good idea. And if you already have an inclination towards an alcohol or drug problem throwing in unlimited amounts of alcohol is not going to be conducive to repairing and restoring and already turbulent relationship. Read more about what I had to say regarding the show here.

The sleazy thrills of Temptation Island

The reality series is an appalling, appealing blend of barely ethical chaos, psychological warfare, and irresistible TV.

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