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In order to keep up with your competitors and the “ever-changing” technological landscape of the addictions industry and recovery community you have got to make your recovery-based methods compatible with today’s generation. Long gone are the days of the standard appointment setting phone call, the paper billing, and the weekly or monthly phone calls to touch base with your clients. Technology and the new generation has brought us a new time of high-tech applications that will handle your scheduling, your billing, your appointments and all other aspects of your company by just clicking on the app created by Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy.

So let’s go over all the wonderful things that you receive monthly when you register for this new app.

You receive a portal large enough for 10 clients, plus yourself,. The app comes with complete mood emojis, when the heat of the session or conversation begins to be too much. Activity reminders and HIPAA compliant video sessions and texting sessions, and a complete resource library are at your fingertips!  Obviously, Dr. Estes’ creation prides itself on being 100% HIPAA compliant and does this through texting and video calls, push button notifications and emoji tracking and action planning.

This wonderful app also includes state of the art modern GPS tracking and follow up. You will be able to track all your clients at one time with real time tracking and accountability. You can customize each clients online file and their education and career levels.

And last, but not least, you will be able to add and monitor all homework assignments and client progress so that the client gets the most out of their recovery-based program. So as you can see, with the technology drastically changing in the addictions industry and recovery community, it is important that we adjust our recovery-based programs and education entities to keep up with the times. You can get information on this new state of the art online application by visiting https://innovativetreatmentsolutions.com/thecoachhub/


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