Certified Christian Addiction Coach and Certified Christian Family Coach

Students taking our Christian Coach training

In this Christian Addiction Coaching and Family Recovery Certification combination of classes, we will teach both Scriptural Foundations and Spiritual Foundations and he will explore the biblical basis for the field of Recovery Coaching and Addiction Coaching delved into theological roots. Our Christian Recovery Coach Certification Program (for both the addict and the family) is the only one on the market that crosses boundaries between Addiction and theological study. In course, the basic theories of addiction from a Christian point of view, and an understanding of how to develop an effective model of Christian Recovery Coaching will be provided to assist your clients in making effective changes in all areas of their lives. Christian Recovery Coaching is a vital new helping field that is growing. You will learn to effectively communicate with the client, develop the core skills of building rapport, proactive listening, and other foundational techniques. You will build an effective toolbox for Recovery Coaching. Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards in Recovery Coaching, specifically from the Christian Coaching point of view will be taught.

Trust Building when Coaching using the Christian Recovery Coaching Model, is very important to your success. Ministry and Spiritual Care will teach you how trust-building can be a key to helping individuals find their God-given purposes in life. You will learn techniques and keys to spiritual care in Christian Addiction Coaching while helping people improve their lives.

The prerequisite is a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach class.

The second piece of the Christian course delves into the Family Unit. Since addiction impacts the whole family unit, they will need support, guidance, and coaching while their addict recovers. We will cover all the basics of coaching from a Christian perspective. We will explore the biblical truths that lead us to excellence in service to honor and glorify God and to continue to hear and respond to the call of the Holy Spirit. We will learn about the Bible’s Christian Coaches throughout history, the four foundations of family coaching, risk factors, the family session, the dynamics of the family unit, family recovery groups, key definitions and scriptures, family expectations, and tools and techniques of the Professional Recovery Coach.

You will learn the signs and symptoms, behavioral issues, habit changes, appearance changes, how to determine if drugs are being hidden in the house, how to know if there is an addict living in the home, how to make a recovery plan for the family, and why kids use drugs.
We will explore the Parables of Jesus. We will look at the tree and its fruit! We will enjoy the light of “The Lamp!” We will talk about “the lost one”, and “The Rich Man.” We will share about “The Birds in Heaven” and its real meaning. We will talk about addiction, the solution to addiction, and the plan to overcome addiction as it impacts the entire family. We will have an interactive test involving scenarios of what you have learned.

Prerequisite is a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach

Please note there is NO COST for these 2 classes, you must purchase Nationally Certified Recovery Coach I and Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach and we provide these FREE of charge. NOTE: you must buy the other two classes to attend this self-study option free. Also included is an ethics class and 10 hours of coach mentorship with a master coach. We do offer Job Board, Networking, and Business/Private Practice assistance. We also hire from within once you are trained, certified, insured, and bonded.

Vance JohnsonYour Host for this Training, Vance Johnson

Vance Johnson is a former Denver Broncos, NFL wide receiver with a 10-year career that included three Super Bowl appearances. After growing up around addiction and domestic violence, he struggled with mental health, addictions like substance abuse, gambling, and many others throughout his career.
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$1329 VALUE

Our on-line courses


  • Certified Recovery Coach I Video Series Course (8 hours)
  • Certified Recovery Coach II  Course Self Study (10 hours)
  • Ethics Course ( 6hours)
  • 10 weeks of call-in/online Clinical Supervision to hone your skills as a coach
  • All Manual for courses
  • All 3 Exams
  • All 3 Credentials
  • Bonus: Copy of 1# Best Selling Workbook for client exercises
  • Bonus: Private FB Graduate Group
  • Bonus: FB Networking Group
  • Bonus: Seals for social media, website, and marketing




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Our on-line courses


  • Certified Recovery Coach 2 day LIVE virtual classroom (10 hours)
  • Certified Recovery Coach II Self-study series (10 hours)
  • Ethics Class Self Study (6 hours)
  • 10 weeks of call-in/online clinical supervision to hone your skills as a coach
  • All Manuals for courses
  • All 3 Exams
  • All 3 Credentials
  • Bonus: Copy of 1# Best Selling Workbook for client exercises
  • Bonus: Copy of #1 Best Selling Book, “I Married a Junkie”
  • Bonus: Copy of Forms and Contracts for Private Practice
  • Bonus: Private FB Graduate Group
  • Bonus: FB Networking Group
  • Bonus: Seals for social media, website, and marketing
  • Bonus: Directory Listing to gain clients

What is a Christian Coach? A coach that can offer addiction services that have biblical implications and relate directly to scriptures.

How do I become a pastoral counselor?
A pastoral counselor is very different from a Christian Coach and requires a church and an educational program that will permit you you to study for a specific job or role function.

What is an Christian Addiction Coach? A person that can offer addiction related services by utilizing scripture and The Bible as a means to understand human behavior.

Must a Christian Coach be certified? No, there is no certification requirement for a coach to become a Christian coach, but there are training programs available.