International Master Addictions Coach Certification Program  (IMAC)

The International Master Addiction Coach Certification is a 125-hour program encompassing 10 different classes and 25 weeks of clinical coaching supervision. It centers around 8 core courses and 2 additional classes to expand your practice and make you marketable to your ideal client market.Our International Master Addictions Coach (IMAC) Certification program is the largest, most comprehensive addiction coaching program currently available today. With over 10 areas of study, you will be able to offer the most comprehensive coaching services to your clients and their families.  Most people diagnosed with Substance Use Disorder have multiple addictions besides drugs and alcohol and most coaches are only trained to handle those issues. Imagine expanding your market, and your service platform if you can offer coaching in other areas like internet addiction, food addiction, life coaching, harm (MAT) reduction even family coaching. If you are building a private practice, it is imperative to offer the most comprehensive list of services to your clients to not only assist them in harnessing their true potential but also to increase your marketing value and services platform. The more styles of addiction coaching you can offer, the better to fill your practice with quality clients.

The International Master Addiction Coach Certification is a 125-hour program encompassing 10 different classes and 25 weeks of clinical coaching supervision. It centers around 8 core courses and 2 additional classes to expand your practice and make you marketable to your ideal client market.  If you desire to be the TOP of your profession and want to add Addiction Coaching to your existing practice or create a great coaching practice, this is the course program for you. We meet all International Coach Federation (ICF) guidelines for you to join as a member, once you complete your courses with us.

Most of our students start off with the Recovery Coach Certification and want to expand their services platform to reach more clients and garner more income. There is NO counseling degree or previous experience or education required, as these courses are all self-contained and we provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. We even offer a full 7-week marketing platform to teach you how to be a stellar coach.

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The International Master Addictions Coaching Certification encompasses the following Core Courses:

Certified Recovery Coach I 

Certified Recovery Coach II

Certified Family Coach

Certified Life Coach 

Certified Internet Addiction Coach

Certified Food Addiction Coach

Certified Nutritional Coach

Certifed Harm Reduction Coach (MAT)

Relapse Prevention Training

Ethics Training

How can you become an International Master Addictions Coach?  You simply pick the courses that are live and enroll for those dates (when you enroll or upgrade into this program you get your previous courses credited to the cost of the IMAC). Choose your live courses, choose your self-study options and be ready for your supervision on Tuesday from 10-11 EST!

The IMAC is a full six to 10-month program exclusively through The Addictions Academy. All of our classes will give you the tools you need to be in practice as a Master Addictions Coach or an Expert Addiction Coach. We also offer weekly supervision sessions over the course of 6 months so that you can discuss your cases and clients with a clinical supervisor and get real-world advice and answers to your questions.  Supervision by a clinical supervisor and the best top-trained coaches in the world will hone your coaching skills and abilities. Courses are offered by live virtual classroom (webinar), live in person (pending schedule) and also self-study option. Our calendar of class dates can be found HERE

Program includes:

10 Courses, All Manuals and Exams, 25 weeks of clinical supervision, Copy of our #1 Best Selling Workbook, Copy of our Forms and Documents Book (Get and stay legal), and BONUS Marketing and Business Development class for FREE if you pay in full.

IMAC Course

What will you learn?

Recovery Coach Modules I and II you will learn:

  • Coping Skills, Life Skills
  • Professional Training and Coaching skills
  • Active vs. Passive Listening Skills
  • Accessing Community Supports
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Goal Setting
  • Pharmacology
  • Street Drugs and what they mean (most current up-to-date information)
  • Nutrition
  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Post-Acute Withdrawal techniques
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • DSM- 5 Terminology
  • Mental Health Terminology
  • Understanding Learning styles and Motivation to change
  • Action Planning and Goal Setting
  • Difference between Recovery Coaching, Therapy and Sponsorship
  • Overcoming obstacles and barriers

Life Coach Module you will learn and expand upon:

  • Active vs. Passive Listening Skills
  • Accessing Community Supports
  • Action Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Relationship ideals
  • Financial and Business Coaching Techniques
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Duties and Responsibilities of a Life Coach
  • Understanding learning styles and motivation to change
  • Overcoming obstacles and barriers
  • Understanding Balance
  • Trust and Relationship Building
  • Communication Techniques

Family Addictions Coach Module you will learn

  • The dynamics of the family system.
  • Family roles and Claudia Black’s work within the family system.
  • Defense Mechanisms of the family unit.
  • Steps to solidify the family unit.
  • Preparation for treatment of the addict or return from treatment.
  • How to set boundaries and consequences with the loved one.
  • Education of addiction and addictive behaviors within the family system.
  • Spotting hidden blame, anger, and resentments and working through those.
  • Pharmacology, types of drugs both legal and street will be discussed.
  • Qualifying the family as a client.

 Internet Addiction Coach Module you will learn

  • Compulsion versus Need
  • Internet Addiction and Porn
  • Internet Addiction and Social Media:
  • How self-esteem is tied to the amount of ‘likes’ or ‘tweets’.
  • Social media and cyberbullying (Keyboard Commando)
  • Social Media and Depression, Suicide (how this is preventable)
  • Social media and identification of Authentic Self (how people create fake personas)
  • Social Media and how we have public versus Private Personas
  • Internet addiction and shopping addiction (Amazon Prime and immediate need and self-gratification

Nutritional Modul you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • Essential Nutrients
  • Core Vitamins/Supplements
  • Importance of Probiotics
  • Food Chemicals/ Additives to Avoid
  • The Brain-Sugar Connection
  • Hydration
  • Sample Meal Plan

Food Addiction Module you will learn

  • The differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships with food.
  • How to spot a hidden eating disorder and what to do about it.
  • The difference between dieting and lifestyle choices.
  • Sugar and connection with opiates.
  • Sugar and the connection with alcohol.
  • How to kick the sugar habit (if you want to)
  • Eating as Punishment.
  • Addictions to sugar, caffeine, and energy drinks.
  • Exploration of chemical imbalances in the body.
  • Serotonin and how it plays a key role in food choices.
  • Overcoming Food Addictions and the process to teach your client.
  • Stuffing and numbing unprocessed feelings and how to teach your client ways to cope.
  • How mental health and emotional health play a key role in food addictions.
  • Ways to spot hidden food addictions.
  • The difference between eating disorders, emotional eating and food addictions.
  • Self Esteem and lifestyle changes to implement with your client.
  • How to spot triggers and stressors and what to do about it.

Harm Reduction Coaching Module you will learn

  • A.T Programming (Medically Assisted Therapy)
  • Needle exchange programs
  • Naloxone, Suboxone, Methadone options
  • Safe Injection Sites
  • Opioid Replacement Treatment (ORT)
  • Heroin Maintenance programs
  • Alcohol Harm Reduction Techniques
  • Ethics of Harm Reduction
  • Treatment Modalities
  • Cannabis
  • Sugar, Food, and Nutrition
  • Porn and Sex Addiction
  • Safer sex programs
  • Legalized prostitution
  • Sex work and HIV
  • Decriminalization of Drugs
  • Gaming, Gambling and Internet Addiction
  • Social Media Harm reduction

Relapse Prevention Module you will learn

  • Definitions relating to addiction, treatment, relapse, and relapse prevention
  • The 12 steps of AA
  • Diagrams of addiction/recovery the stages of relapse
  • The signs and symptoms of relapse
  • Reasons why people think they relapse
  • Changes
  • Avoiding relapse
  • Action plan for relapse prevention
  • Questions to prevent relapse
  • Questions for relapse
  • Chemical dependency
  • Treatment models and recovery
  • Stages/procedures/principles of relapse
  • Relapse history questions
  • Recognizing warning signs
  • Action plan for relapse prevention strategy
  • Daily recovery plan/ activities
  • Daily inventory
  • Justifications of Behaviors

Ethics Module you will learn

  • Your role in responsibilities
  • Proper reporting
  • Ethical action planning
  • Ethical case management
  • Laws and guidelines
  • Crossing state lines and dealing with other countries
  • Professional Standards
  • Ethical Guidelines
  • Professional Standards
  • Duty to Warn
  • Baker/Marchman Acts

IMAC Course

You also get 7 weeks of Marketing Mastery Secrets

  • How to market on Facebook
  • How to Market on Instagram
  • How to Market on Linkedin
  • How to get press and exposure
  • How to start your company
  • How to find your niche
  • How to attract the right addiction recovery coaching clients
  • How to hone the tight elevator pitch
  • How to Blog and curate content
  • How to set your rates
  • How to get on podcasts

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IMAC Course

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