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Relapse in relation to substance abuse is resuming the use of a drug or a chemical substance after a period of abstinence. A lot of clients want to stay sober and have issues remaining sober for long periods of time.  Sometimes they do not have the tools to stay sober or pull themselves out of a relapse mentality before it happens. In this class, you will learn how to stop a relapse before it happens, what to do if the client is in relapse mode (what that means) and how to break the cycle.

Relapse prevention attempts to identify the factors that contribute to relapses such as environmental and emotional situations including high-risk situations that threaten an individual’s coping strategies, sense of control, and outcome expediencies. Factors influencing relapse, include lifestyles such as stress, balance, urges, and cravings.  Identification can help the individual to understand why they relapsed and what they can do to change so that the behavior doesn’t continue.  This is the training class, not the full certification, you will need to check with your state to see what credentials they require to complete their certifications. Class is ideal for addictions counselors, sober coaches, recovery coaches, and mental health caseworkers.

NOTE: There are NO prerequisites to this course. We do offer Job Board, Networking, and Business/Private Practice assistance. We also hire from within once you are trained, certified, insured, and bonded.


We are accredited by the following organizations.

Nebraska Dept of Health
Florida Certification Board
Association of Coach Training Organizations
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ICF addictions Coach


Definitions relating to addiction, treatment, relapse, and relapse prevention
The 12 steps of AA
Diagrams of addiction/recovery and the stages of relapse
The signs and symptoms of relapse
Reasons why people think they relapse
Avoiding relapse
Action plan for relapse prevention
Questions to prevent relapse
Questions for relapse
Chemical dependency
Treatment models and recovery
Stages/procedures/principles of relapse
Relapse history questions
Recognizing warning signs
Action plan for a relapse prevention strategy
Daily recovery plan/ activities
Daily inventory
Interactive exam (role play)
Final exam
Dr. Cali Estes

Your Host for this Training, Dr. Cali Estes

Dr. Cali Estes is a Therapist, Life Coach, Recovery Coach, Addictions Coach, and Wellness Guru, Dr. Cali Estes has been named ‘The Female Dr. Drew’ by the media. She has been featured on CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, KTLA, People Mag, Yoga Digest, and more.

She is the Founder of The Addictions Academy and the wildly popular Sober on Demand for an alternative to drug and alcohol treatment services. She has also created the first-ever addiction and mental health supplement line, ProRecoveryRx.



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On Line courses
  • Relapse Prevention Aftercare Training 
  • Ethics Course 
  • Manual for courses
  • Exams
  • 11 CEUs, CME, or CE
  • Bonus: Private FB Graduate Group
  • Bonus: FB Networking Group
  • Bonus: Seals for social media, website, and marketing
  • Bonus: Directory Listing to gain clients
  • Bonus: Free 6 month online Directory Listing to get clients

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On Line courses
  • Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Training Course  call to schedule your private training class 
  • Ethics Course 
  • Manual for courses
  • Exams
  • 11 CEUs, CME, or CE
  • Bonus: Private FB Graduate Group
  • Bonus: FB Networking Group
  • Bonus: Seals for social media, website, and marketing
  • Bonus: Directory Listing to gain clients
  • Bonus: Free 6 month online Directory Listing to get clients
Relapse Prevention
Relapse Prevention

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Frequently Asked Questions About Relapse Prevention

Most addiction professionals would argue that relapse is simply part of the addiction recovery process towards total abstinence. Usually, a client that is planning to remain sober will relapse once or twice on the path to recovery. Sometimes a major stressful event will cause a relapse for a short period of time until the client finds his or her way into treatment or back into sobriety.

Most addiction professionals will call a ‘slip’ a quick use of the drug or alcohol the client is trying to avoid. This is usually a one or two-day event. The Relapse will be longer and less controlled, meaning it can be a week or two or more depending on the circumstances surrounding the events that led up to the drug or alcohol use.

A drug or alcohol relapse can be defined as a return to drug or alcohol use for a prolonged period of time after a period of abstinence. Generally, a feeling leads to a thought and that leads to an action, hence the relapse.

If you follow the 12-step AA and NA principles, one drink counts as a relapse and sets you back to zero. Most addiction professionals do not like this archaic thought process as we now know that relapse is part of the recovery process. We also know some people can drink responsibility after they battle an alcoholic addiction.