The Addictions Academy Reviews by Faculty Members

Faculty Reviews of The Addictions Academy classes are paramount when you are searching for classes that will define your future. You, the student want to know you are receiving a quality education that you can utilize in the field of addiction in private practice or possibly work for a treatment center. You want to know what your teachers have been trained in, what their backgrounds are, what their education level is and of course, you want to hear their energy level. Below are reviews of The Addictions Academy classes taught by our amazing faculty.

Each faculty member at The Addictions Academy has provided a quick review of their class or classes for you so you can engage with them on a personal level.

The Addictions Academy is more than just an educational center. We offer superior value for our courses and include a full array of services for our students. You want to ensure that the education center you chose will assist you with marketing, job hunting, and provide you a community in which to grow and spread your wings. The Addictions Academy has everything from online self-study classes in the field of a recovery coach, life coach, interventionist, and more to live virtual classroom to actual live classroom classes. We are in 22 countries, 5 languages, and have 40 classes and 20 different teachers.
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What sets The Addictions Academy faculty apart?

  • Top-notch education (Did you see the combined educational levels of all the teachers?)
  • Live virtual classroom experiences (learn at home in your PJ’s)
  • Dr. Cali Estes‘ Best Selling workbook for coaching exercises for your clients
  • Forms and Contracts Book that has every form you will need to start and develop your own private practice
  • Full directory to advertise in (We help you with client acquisition)
  • Marketing classes and Business Branding Assistance
  • Train the Trainer Program
  • Accredited Education
  • International in scope for all classes
  • Seals and Logos for your website and marketing materials
  • Networking and Job Opportunities
  • Recovery Coach locator
  • ProRecoveryrx Supplement line

and so much more! Call today to see how to get started or watch the reviews of The Addictions Academy faculty below: