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Reviews of The Addictions Academy

cali estes live in Nebraska teaching first responders in addiction and mental health

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

Prison Re- Entry class 
“We enjoyed the training.  It was interesting to hear the point of view of those who were formally incarcerated.  I work with the men and women at our facility daily.  The individuals that participated in the training reminded me of those who have successfully reentered society after going through our program.  It reiterated why reentry is so important.  My caseworkers completed all three courses.  I plan to complete them as well.  Thank you for extending the 30 day window to begin the courses.  We appreciate it. “
Wendy Harris
Inmate Programs Operations Manager
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
Silverdale Detention Facility
7609 Standifer Gap Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
423-209-7089 (Office)
423-499-5154 (Fax)
teens adolescent addiction and mental health training

Internationally Certified Adolescent Addiction and Mental Health coach Training

It was great! The pace and information fits well with the way I personally operate. I also appreciate the style of the class , as it isn’t as clinical as many can be? We are coaches after all.
Geoff Shea

It was awesome, loved all the diverse representations of the generations
Mike Wassemiller

Dr Cali is amazing !!!
Kelly Landon

training certified recovery coaches

What a great class on Leaving Against Medical Advice for our team. We were pleased with all the information presented and will be utilizing the techniques”
Marcus Stendahl, LMHC, NCC, CASAC-T
Program Manager, CD Residential
UPMC Chautauqua BH