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Seasonal Affective Disorder Might Be the Absolute Worst This Year.

Psychotherapist, Brain Health Expert, and faculty at The Addictions Academy, Teralyn Sell, Ph.D. is featured in this article in Yahoo Life about how seasonal affective disorder will be at an all-time high this year During COVID-19. You can join Dr. Teralyn at the Brain Health Recovery Coach class to learn how to support the health of your client’s brain during the addiction recovery process.  Dr. Teralyn also works with individual clients on brain health.

Many people have heard of seasonal affective disorder, but don’t really realize the profound impact it might have on your emotional health.  The seasonal affective disorder is a constellation of emotional symptoms that occur during seasonal changes.  Typically the season that is most prominently recognized as a SAD season is fall to winter.

You might experience low energy, problems sleeping, fatigue, depression, sadness, irritability, and more.  SAD may indicate a disruption in brain health particularly serotonin-related issues.  It could also indicate a vitamin D or other nutrient cofactor deficiency.  Brain health is an important piece to SAD recovery and can be helped in a number of different ways.  Nutrition, brain health, and exercise are Dr. Teralyn’s top ways to fight SAD.  She continues to discuss ways to combat SAD in the remainder of the article. Read more.

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