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Signs and Symptoms of Technology Addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Technology Addiction

Every addiction has its signs and symptoms. Whether it be extreme weight loss by a cocaine addict or maybe it’s flu-like symptoms for a heroin addict. The list goes on and on and we now have one of our newest addictions coming to light and bringing its signs and symptoms with it.

This would be internet and tech addiction. People are bringing harmful effects and negative consequences into their lives by abusing internet and technology on a daily basis, and here are some of the signs and symptoms this addiction brings.

One sign that things are going south is if a loved one is locking himself or herself in a room for hours on end playing video games. Another sign would be if someone is shopping online, excessively buying things they really don’t need. Some deeper symptoms are when people spend more time living a virtual life on Facebook or Twitter than living their God given life right before them. Also, not being able to make it through a social function without checking their social media or email is a big sign that something is wrong.

Some people like to make a game of it and at a dinner function the first person to check their phone pays the bill. We here at http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com 1-800-706-0318 have developed a new program called The Nationally Certified Internet Addictions Coach program to train professional certified coaches how to show people living with technology how to use it at a healthy rate. And we also give you the essential skills to reel people back into reality who are too deep into the virtual world of technology and addiction.

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