Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker has a bachelors in psychology and has 20 years of experience with addiction. He spent thirteen years in active addiction using everything and anything spanning from cocaine and heroin to every pill known to man. 7 years ago, he overdosed ended up in a coma losing his leg and nearly his life. He has been clean ever since and never stopped helping and inspiring people into sobriety and living the life of their dreams. He is now a speaker, certified recovery coach, professional interventionist, author, and a trainer in recovery coach certification for the addictions academy.

Kevin is a certified coach in many modalities and has trained with the top leaders in self-development to further expand his knowledge on the subject. He uses all his training and experience to relate and serve the clients he works with as an addiction coach He speaks to kids in schools and deters them from ever using drugs in the first place. He volunteers in the hospital and helps amputees and recent overdose patients cope and assimilate back into society. Kevin Parker’s life revolves around helping people create a life they love to live while being clean and sober and living with true purpose.

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