Dr. Roger Waite

Dr. Roger Waite - The Addictions AcademyDr. Roger Waite has been in the forefront in the development of Prescribed and Over-the-counter (OTC) Dopamine Agonist Therapies for the clinical and retail medical markets. His recent research and work has gravitated towards analyzing, establishing and addressing issues surrounding chronic pain management and addiction with a view to testing, developing & implementing practical & effective solutions. His work with Dr. Kenneth Blum in this area, has cultivated various projects yielding a number of viable medicinal products and techniques that support alternative chronic pain management options & that tackle the epidemical issues of opioid addiction.
Dr. Waite’s original “Genetic & Dopamine Agonist Therapy model” was used by Municipal/District and Federal court systems as an alternative to drug court failures for individuals. The program had a very low rate of recidivism with individuals who were genetically predisposed to addictive behaviors. This business and therapy model was the seed program for many other successful diagnostic and treatment programs along with many other peer reviewed studies. The outcomes and success of the “Las Vegas – BioClarity program” was included in an NBC news special on the program. This model was later taken to be vetted within the Workers Compensation in an answer for the complex treatment problems for the “Legacy claim” market. This unique diagnostic and therapy model has received recognition within many Self-Insured and Reinsurance corporations and businesses. He has developed programs and systems in the field of addictive medicine; specifically, alternative sentencing for District /Municipal and Federal Court Systems for Iatrogenically addicted patients.

He has co-developed, in junction with the UCLA Department of Kinesiology, a computer matrix model measuring the splinting patterns of 32 independent muscular groups which measures the functionality and non-functionality of the back by diagnosing spinal soft tissue injuries.

Dr Waite has also been recognized to be a leader in the development of one first national electroceutical DME homecare operating systems & has published over 60 studies in the field of electroceutical and addictive medicine.