“Taming the addiction dragon…not a one man job.”
-meet Michael Birch…your dragon tamer.

Michael Birch - Joins The Addictions Academy staff.Michael Birch is the owner of Vital Signs Addiction Coaching LLC; a full service addiction coaching/consulting business located near Chicago, Il. Vital Signs offers a coaching experience tailored with the client in mind. Do you or someone you love struggle with drinking or drug use? Are you battling a food or gambling addiction? Or maybe you lost your way and need a guide to get back on track? Vital Signs can help. Do you need companionship or a sober escort to get you through an important business meeting or business trip? Are you an executive or other professional that cannot afford to be away from work? Vital Signs can help with that too! The ‘one size fits all’ approach of the past has seen limited effect, so each client at Vital Signs receives a customized, personal coaching plan. We meet you where you are at.

Michael’s passion for helping others began at a residential facility, helping juveniles with sexually problematic behaviors. Later he worked in a residential setting with young women suffering from drug/alcohol addictions. Being downsized by state budget cuts, Michael went back to school to pursue his Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Since graduation, he has worked at a private practice in Northbrook, Il. In 2016, Michael received his credential as International Master Addictions Coach from The Addictions Academy ®. The IMAC is a highly coveted credential that encompasses training in various areas of addiction coaching. Michael is also an affiliate of The Addictions Academy ® and provides training for the certification of Recovery Coach (NCRC). In addition to his Master’s degree and IMAC certification, Michael has received Social and Emotional Intelligence training as well as transformational leadership training through the Wright Foundation. Michael also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an Associates degree in Criminal Justice.

But before Northbrook, before his master’s degree, and before he found recovery, Michael had been in a twenty-six year battle with drugs and alcohol. After the sudden death of his father when he was just sixteen, Michael’s life headed down a dark and destructive path. Scared and angry, he found comfort in booze. He soon discovered that booze could take away some of the pain. Later, as his alcohol consumption increased, he was introduced to cocaine. Cocaine quickly became the love of his life. As long as he could still function, he assumed all would be well. Who was it hurting anyhow? Little did he realize that his love for cocaine and booze had become a full blown addiction. His addiction became worse. Determined to get a handle on it, he tried many of the usual ‘tricks’…move to another locale, change jobs, start going back to church, only drink on the weekends. None of these worked. His addiction became even worse. Finally, after years of abuse, Michael attempted one last time to consume enough cocaine to end it all. Even that attempt to stop failed. Having no place else to turn and no option for stopping, he got in his car and started to drive. He had no plan, no money and no drugs. He did have a six-pack and a sliver of hope. Somehow he ended up in the parking lot of a local treatment facility. He walked in and stated that if he couldn’t get help today…right now…he would never return. Someone in an interior office heard his plea and asked if he could wait an hour or so to be seen. He agreed to wait, went to his car and finished his six-pack.

That day was the beginning of a new life. Michael found a way to stop. You can find a way too, and Vital Signs can help. Give Michael a call today and get started on a new path.