Stephen Dixon - Director of Student Growth and Advancement Stephen James Dixon is the sales manager and student coordinator here at The Addictions Academy. Stephen’s main goal is to assist you, the student/client, in every step of the way in training with us at The Addictions Academy. Stephen is here to help you find the right course, and to help you achieve your goals and obtain the training you’re looking for.

Most often, Stephen is approached with the statement “I am in recovery myself, and want to learn how I can become certified and help others”. As someone in recovery himself, Stephen is no stranger to the world of addiction. His personal experience with addiction is what allows him to help our students along with way, and make sure they are steered in the right direction. His approach to sobriety is very open and simple, and is indicative of how he approaches life, which is that we are all seeking the same goal, either for ourselves, or for others, and that is long lasting sobriety. He wants that for anyone who is looking for it, and is willing to work for it.
Stephens main goal is to assist others in achieving that. He strives on being able to make professionals available, to help them help others escape the dark world where addiction can lead us.

Stephen grew up in Greenwich, CT, and studied Economics and Motion Picture production at The University of Miami. His personal adventures are what makes him who he is. Stephen is without a doubt an outdoors enthusiast, and loves to spend time with his family and friends, doing anything and everything. Seeing the gift of life, and how quickly that can be taken away, Stephen embraces every moment to appreciate life for what it is, and lives it to the fullest. If you don’t catch him in the office, you can guarantee he will be off on a crazy adventure somewhere, trying something new!

He hopes others can see the joy he experiences while doing these things sober, and showing everyone that there is an amazing side of life in sobriety, and just maybe, he can help just one person make the same decision he did, which was to get sober.