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Substance Abuse In The Workplace

 Substance Abuse in the Workplace

When an employee has a substance abuse problem, as an employer what you do next can make a huge difference.  Cali Estes was featured on NBC Universal news discussing employees, drug use and alcohol abuse in the workplace and how it can be identified and prevented.  EAP providers are slim when it comes to having one at work these days with cutbacks and layoffs, so sometimes the manager takes on the duties and roles that an EAP might if one is non-existent in the workplace.

An employee can exhibit signs of drug and alcohol use during the work day or it can be a residual effect from the night before.  A good manager will have access to resources to assist the staff member.   A solid health insurance policy that covers behavioral health and substance abuse will allow the employee to have treatment and work on the issues that are hindering their performance.  Knowing the law and what can be done in terms of terminating a staff member is crucial in this case and how to assist without hindering is essential.  Read more on Cali Este’s interview with NBC Universal News below:

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