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TAA: International Master Addictions Coach and Academy student Neil Washer, Weighs in on the Canadian Auditor General’s position on Medical Pot for Veterans.


TAA: International Master Addictions Coach and Academy student Neil Washer, weighs in on the Canadian Auditor General’s position on medical pot for veterans.  What are your thoughts?  Visit us at The Addictions Coach or call 1.800.706.0318 Our elite team is here to assist you with your recovery from addiction.

CanadianAs a Canadian Afghan Veteran diagnosed with PTSD, I have to clear the air somewhat. I also have had many physical injuries due to 4 surgeries and several concussions. Personally, and this is my own story, I was fortunate to have over 2 decades of Sobriety with the help and support of Alcoholics Anonymous in which it gave me the capacity and knowledge to live in the solution to avoid mood-altering substances if I can. I avoid them unless absolutely necessary, like post-op. I have worked very hard to overcome physical, mental, and emotional pain due to my combat experience. Of course I was overly anxious, hypervigilent as well as Afghanistan Nightmares and had a lot of atrocities blocked and stuck in my system and needed rewiring. I underwent EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which is hard work, however, has paid off to have only uncomfortable moments and less uncomfortable days. I always had support from great people in carrying a message of hope to others and perhaps helping them. I decided to enroll in a most excellent program with Dr. Cali Estes and Dr. Rev Kevin Coughlin at The Addictions Academy in Miami called The International Master Addictions Coaching which has taken quite a while to complete which has enabled me to Coach Federal Inmates, PTSD Veterans, and Incarcerated Veterans in Addictions Coaching. I have seen the results and just today I had a Maximum Federal Offender in tears through the excellent instruction I have received at The Addictions Academy. This has been a real game changer, the main reason is that there are other alternatives available such as Addiction Recovery Coaching as well as Life Coaching to help others who have had PTSD, I have seen it occur a magical change with some of these people. This is not PTSD Therapy or a replacement whatsoever and undergoing additional EMDR with a Licensed Therapist as well as coaching can go a long way and I am confident this is a piece of the pie to better days for those suffering. I would like to publicly thank the Addictions Academy for this remarkable opportunity and I believe it is contributing to saving lives.

Canada’s auditor general is urging the Department of Veterans Affairs to get a handle on its drugs benefit program including the amount of medical pot being prescribed to veterans.
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