Using a Sober Companion for Accountability



Have you been told that accountability is the key to your recovery, all the while watching hypocrisy rear its ugly head? Well, accountability is an extremely important step in recovery, but hypocrisy always runs rampant in the addictions industry and recovery community to a point where it can cripple a recovering drug addict’s growth in recovery.

So let’s begin with accountability and discuss why this is such an important step in recovery and then we will use an example of an extremely important person in the sports industry that preached accountability for four decades during his career but when it was time for him to take accountability he ran the other way. Accountability is basically owning the negative actions and consequences that go hand-in-hand with an active addiction. Taking accountability is looking inward for solutions to improving your lifestyle instead of looking outward to blame others for your misfortunes. When we are trying to get clean and sober and stay clean and sober we waste so much time blaming others instead of looking inward at the real person to blame and beginning a long tedious process towards sobriety and recovery.

The sooner we acknowledge that we are to blame for our path of destruction during our drug use, the sooner we can begin to dig ourselves out properly. We really have to watch out for hypocrisy when we are looking upward to those who have succeeded in getting clean and sober and staying clean and sober because if we are not careful, hypocrisy can lead us right back into an active addiction.

I want to use an example of a Major League Baseball coach who refused to take accountability for his actions. Coach Tony La Russa, who’s major league baseball career spanned over multiple decades, always preached accountability and was a bit of a hard nosed authoritarian when it came to following the rules and discipline. This is why the baseball community was completely shocked by the video that surfaced last week of a drunken Tony La Russa slurring while telling a local police officer that he should “know who he was” and that he was “one of those Hall of Famer guys”.

First of all, the officer did not appear to know who Tony La Russa was and was more concerned with how intoxicated this man was behind the steering wheel of an automobile. But more importantly, Tony La Russa, who was a strict authoritarian, was trying to convince the police officer to let him go and convince him that he did nothing wrong and to take his Hall of Fame status as reason to do so. Coach Tony La Russa was not in recovery and has never been in trouble with the law, however, his incident is a true example of not taking accountability for an issue that you caused that could have had a tragic ending for La Russa or an innocent driver on the roads that evening.

Had he had a sober coach, or a recovery coach or even a sober companion he would be working on accountability and staying sober. The drug and alcohol treatment industry would have held him accountable and taught him accountability.

Accountability is one of the most important pieces to getting clean and sober and staying clean and sober and we discuss accountability here at The Addictions Coach and the Addictions Academy. So whether you are a struggling drug addict or you are on the flipside and are wanting to help struggling drug addicts in recovery you can contact us here or and we can assist you at 800 706 0318 ext 2

One Addiction for Another: Replacing Bad Habits with “Good” Habits?


One Addiction for Another

Replacing Bad Habits with “Good” Habits?

9/28/2020 by Chris Cobb



I’ve had plenty of addictions. Drugs, alcohol, food, and so on. I also have over 2 years at this point without any drugs or alcohol in my life. I’ve heard the phrase quite often: “You must replace bad habits with good ones.”. I have done so in one way or another, for the most part. Like quitting smoking, and joining the gym to become even healthier with exercise than quitting smoking alone would do for me. I’ve also gone out to eat far too often instead of being on an all beer diet. Some habit replacements can be healthy, others, not so much. So let’s talk about some NEW bad habits we might grab while in recovery, and some better habits to replace them with.


Bad Habit #1: Stress, losing sleep over new responsibilities:

New job? New girlfriend? New Car? Nice. Welcome to your new sober life. Where you don’t lose jobs over drunken mishaps, or get arrested for the like. But we still have to be careful. How much have you changed in your life, and how fast? This is the first question to ask yourself. The next one is: Am I pacing myself? Is your new job or job(s) overwhelming, is the new girlfriend or boyfriend requiring more attention than you can give, causing issues in the relationship? Are you struggling to stay above water on your car payment? These are all stressful things, if you’re like me anyway. I tend to get far too stressed when dealing with life on life’s terms, especially when I present new “adulting” skills into my everyday life. So long story short, I have a lot on my plate. Maybe not more than I did when I was drinking, per-say. But back then, what I had in front of me was petty compared to now. It was stress and pain I had caused myself and others, that I could simply drown out with alcohol. Now I can’t do that. I won’t. Say some of the things we have begun to do now are actually necessary even. Exercise, healthy eating, routines, calendars, meetings, etc… Even good things can overwhelm us, quite easily, and quite often. So what’s just one thing we can do to help with all this new “good” stress? I personally believe that meditation is one thing that has truly helped me keep my serenity over the last couple of years. When I am stressed and exhausted, mentally, physically, and spiritually, I begin to feel like I’m in a small room with the walls closing in. I feel like hiding, like curling up and giving up. Meditation has allowed me to focus on myself, my body, sometimes trying to think of nothing at all; not fighting the thoughts that come to mind, but focusing on them for just a few seconds and allowing them to drift away, knowing that there is a solution to every problem. There are many forms of meditation. Music, guided meditation, driving, or just pure relaxation. There are typically one or more meditation groups of different types locally, and even if not, you can find pretty much any instructional, or voice guide online. So try it out sometime, see what it can do for you. There’s no harm that could come from it. Let’s read on.



Bad Habit #2: Spending too much money:

            Let’s take stress out of the equation for a moment. Say you have a spending habit that tends to break your bank and forces you to live paycheck to paycheck, but you’re not really too worried over it.. Sometimes, we begin not to care about much when we are grateful simply for making it past our old life, our addiction. We’re in recovery and we’ve “got this no matter what.” Right? Well, what happens when you lose your job, and don’t have any money saved up, not even enough to make it by for the next week or two that it will take you to even get an interview for your next potential job? You bought that Playstation 5 that you didn’t really need, because you work too much to play games anyway. You threw a Stage 3 Turbo and 20s on your 97 Honda Accord right before it broke down, and now you can’t afford a new head gasket. This is where we need to be prepared. I like to use the Six Ps. Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. (5, 6, same diff). What I mean by this, is that if I don’t have some emergency money saved back, or I don’t work on the most important parts of my car before I shoot for luxury or convenience, I have potentially screwed my near future self if something goes awry. So what we need here is if we don’t already know how, to learn to keep a budget, even a budget sheet that shows our income, and our possible expenses, prioritized from most important to least. Minimizing: making what we NEED outweigh what we WANT. Again with the car. Did you need that Turbo, or did you need new brakes and rotors? I mean fast is fun until you can’t slow down when you need to. The point in this whole thing is to live within our means. If we don’t need it, don’t buy it. If we need it, plan it out and get it taken care of. Buy groceries instead of eating fast or fancy. You can literally feed yourself for 2 weeks at home for what it would cost to eat at a nice steakhouse for one night. Most importantly, PAY ATTENTION to your bank account! Sometimes, I even keep cash in my wallet, or in a lockbox instead of putting it in the bank. I tend to forget I have the cash, or look at my bank account being less than what I actually have, and consider myself close to broke sooner than reality. This helps me really evaluate what I’m about to purchase online and figure out if I should really buy it or not. Let’s move on to the next bad habit, and its possible solution.



Bad Habit #3: Isolation Station – Wasting Time Doing Nothing:

            Ok, so scenario C. You’re not really too stressed, you are doing okay at your part time job living in housing or a recovery home. In your ample amount of free time, you sleep, play video games, watch TV. You start to do these relaxing things so often that you become acclimated to them, as if they are becoming second nature to you. Fast forward a couple of months. You still only have 20 hours of work each week, you get food stamps, and live a nice relaxing lifestyle overall. But where does this leave your recovery? You’re living the same way you lived when you were drinking and getting high, but now it’s easier to get bored or depressed, and the only thing you’re doing to keep your mind occupied is staying in a room by yourself playing the Crash Bandicoot remake, eating cheetos naked in a beanbag chair. What happened to upping your goals once you decided to CHANGE YOUR LIFE? We are now at  a dangerously vulnerable point in our life, whether we know it or not. We aren’t socializing. We’ve cut out the toxic people from our life, but what about the new people? Are we going to meetings? Are we talking to anyone, a sponsor? Even a counselor? It’s time to get up and get out. Establish healthy environments, and only allow healthy, positive people in your circle. Get a sponsor, someone you can confide in, someone you can trust completely to listen to exactly what is on your mind. It’s vitally important to voice what your spirit is going through. Overall, we need to get out of our comfort zone in order to truly start a new life for ourselves. The more inspiration, motivation, and determination we will gain from this will easily allow us to think outside of what used to be our limits, realize that the only limit is our own imagination, and leave that part time job behind for something bigger and better that will allow us to level up to those 20s and Turbos on our new modern set of wheels, without breaking us.


So just food for thought. Evaluate your surroundings, your work, your home, your life in general, and decide overall if you are happy, or if there is something you can do to add even more value to your life, besides just taking out the drugs and booze from your routine. Quit drinking, quit getting high, but NEVER quit BUILDING YOUR WORLD. 

If you own or run an addiction treatment center, you need to read this

If you own or run an addiction treatment center, you need to read this.

Hi Cali, this is Amy I was just in your admissions conference training. You are awesome and I know that future practice,with your guidance is going to be amazingly valuable!!.

With all of the patient brokering issues going on, getting clients safely into an addictions treatment center can be exhausting. You have to market online, deal with competitors, shady characters, and then get the client to agree to come into the actual treatment center. How well does your treatment center actually perform? Do you close over 60% of the leads?

I bet you don’t. In fact, most addictions centers close under 30%. If you get a proper lead (clinically appropriate, can handle payment, etc) your team should close it, but they don’t. Mostly because they have ZERO sales training. They may be a past client that is excited about the program and just rambles on to the lead. Or, they may be reading from your script and sound impersonal and disconnected.

You and your team need our Admissions Call Center Training. Click HERE to see the training. Click HERE to see more on Dr. Cali Estes

The number one goal of detox, residential treatment center, PHP, or IOP is to fill the beds with quality candidates that need your services. This is where most places struggle to maintain a census of appropriate candidates. You hire marketers, developers, lead generation services, dabble in the Google AdWords game (after purchasing a LegitScript certification), and you spend thousands of dollars to get the phone to ring. After all that money out and hard work, a lot of clients are lost in the Admissions Call Center. Untrained staff, missed calls, admission of inappropriate candidates for your specific services, promises to clients that are unrealistic (resulting in them leaving upon arrival), clients not assessed for the proper level of care and even staff not understanding and assessing proper insurance coverage all translates in wasted money and time.

The Addictions Academy will train your staff in sales and admissions closing unique to the addiction treatment industry.

Our training program is like nothing on the market for addiction treatment centers. We utilize Motivational Interviewing, Coaching Techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques in our Admissions Call Center Training coupled with sales training and empathetic ear listening skills. We have trained countless treatment centers in the past 6 years and have assisted them in turning referrals and leads into clients. See whom we have trained HERE

NOTE: There are NO prerequisites to this course. Also included is an ethics class.

Here is what is included in our Professional Admissions Call Center Training
Screening for the appropriate Candidate.
Learning the Proper Language to use to close the deal and get the client in the door for Assessment.
How to close the deal: the art of the sale*How to refer out and build referrals with partner Centers.
Key Questions to ask the person on the other end of the phone.
Pre Qualification of the client in the proper steps to ensure placement.
Secrets your Call Center Staff should be doing in their ‘downtime’ to increase call volume.
Increase Return on Investment (ROI)
Handling the crisis call.
Techniques to diffuse the angry and obstinate client.
Closing Phrases that make it happen.
Know your product
Advice Coordination for Client Retainment
Reducing the AMA and APA Rate from the beginning
Understanding Stark Law
Clarifying Expectations of Treatment and of the Client
Active vs. Passive Listening Skills
Overcoming Objections to Treatment
Please call us today at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 so we can assist your treatment center in setting up the admissions call center training.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Extra Time At Home



It seems as though we all have an extended amount of extra time at home on our hands these days. This coronavirus pandemic has us all “reaching into our big bag of tricks” to keep us all highly focused and “locked-in” to make sure we get the most out of the time we have at home or in quarantine. So while some of us are binging on Netflix or daytime TV during our extended time at home, there are others that will take advantage of this time to advance our careers and build our future. There is no better way to spend your time at home than to focus on online training and education to advance your career in the addictions industry and recovery community.

The addictions industry’s leading academy for all addiction and recovery related training and certifications is The Addictions Academy. The Addiction Academy is the industry’s BEST school when it comes to state of the art virtual and interactive online classes and certifications. The Addictions Academy offers you the luxury of enrolling in the addiction industry’s leading classes from the comfort and convenience of your own home or business. When you take traveling out of the equation it opens up a much wider scope of possible class dates for you to choose from. The Addiction Academy has the industry’s most skilled and educated teachers to make sure that, once certified, you come out with the highest of skills and education to corner the market and gain any and all competitive edge for you and your recovery-related business. The Addictions Academy has a vast array of addiction and recovery related classes and certifications and you can find the full class listing at

Our next virtual online class and certification is October 8-9 for Nationally Certified Recovery Coach Professional (NCRC). This includes Levels I, II, ethics, and a full 10 weeks of coach mentorship. Want to learn intervention? Our Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional (NCACIP) class is Oct 15-18 is a very interactive online class that also includes Case Management, Ethics, and 10 weeks of Supervision. This class also includes an introduction to basic mental health disorders, gambling, gaming, food addiction, sex addiction, and more. We also include all books, and you can pick up a copy of our bestselling workbook, forms and contracts book, and also and a copy of Dr. Cali Estes’ best-selling book “I Married A Junkie”.
All of this comes at the extraordinarily low price of $1329 for Recovery Coach certification and &1829 for an Advanced Intervention certification! Financing is available for some upon request. So please contact us today to reserve your online seat.  Put your time towards building your brand and future by calling The Addictions Academy today at 1-800-706-0318 or by clicking the link above!

States Slash the Addiction Budget, While Overdoses Rise. See our Answer to this!


addiction, recovery coach, The Addictions Academy

States slash addiction budgets as overdoses and mental health skyrocket. That means free and low-cost services will be a thing of the past. Treatment centers can operate at a 20% fill rate, which means jobs are lost and fewer clients per facility. Those that lost jobs have no insurance and can not pay for the treatment with insurance anymore. That means that qualified and trained mental health and addiction service providers are in-demand. That means that cash pay services will go up and recovery coaches, interventionists and counselors in the field need to be ready to accept clients.

But we have a shortage of qualified, educated and trained individuals. If you are ready to combat the COVID 19 pandemic and utilize your time while in lockdown to help more people and create a nice income for yourself, we at The Addictions Academy are ready to help you succeed. The Addictions Academy is the industry’s top school and training entity who offers training and certifications both in person or through our state of the art virtual classroom settings. Most of us are in “lockdown” mode, curfews, or some type of social restrictions during the COVID 19 pandemic, so this would be the perfect time to enroll in one of The Addictions Academy’s online virtual certification classes. I would also like to mention that Covid-19 has caused a major spike in drug use and addiction in general and, with this being said, there is a high-demand for top nationally certified professional recovery coaches.

YOU are the answer! 

Like I mentioned before, The Addictions Academy has a reputation of turning out and certifying the industry’s best professional recovery coaches and also offers job placement to qualified students. We have now trained over 15,000 individuals in 25 countries and we are translated into 5 languages. Over 350 addiction treatment centers have hired us to train their staff and credential them.

The next virtual online class offered by The Addictions Academy is Nationally Certified Recovery Coaching Level I. This is both an entry-level recovery coaching certification or a way for existing professional recovery coaches to also sharpen their skills. This class is being held July 23-24 from 10-3 EDT. Nationally Certified Recovery Coaching can be taken from the comfort and safety of your own home or office for the low price of $1329. This price also includes our Best Selling Work Book, all credentials and certifications, job placement for qualified students, AND a complimentary class, Recovery Coach II. This is an offer you just can’t refuse while we are restricted to our homes and offices. There is no better way to capitalize on this extra time at home than to sharpen your skills in the addictions industry and become one of the industry’s top nationally certified professional recovery coaches! Register for all of our classes at or by calling 1-800-706-0318 ext 2. Contact us today to reserve your seat for Nationally Certified Recovery Coaching Level 1 on July 23-24.

Concierge Private Villa Retreat.

Cali Estes partners with Moffitt Wellness Retreat to offer:

Concierge Private Villa Retreat

Concierge Private Villa Retreat.  Concierge Private Villa Retreat.
  Concierge Private Villa Retreat.  At The Addictions Coach we offer Unique, One on One Addiction Therapy in a remote location with serene environment in a shorter time period than traditional drug and alcohol treatment centers.  
A Private Concierge Style Retreat.  We offer one on one addiction therapy, Recovery Coaching and Stress and Anxiety Management in 7-15 days instead of sitting in a rehab for 28.  You will fly into a private celebrity location where you will experience a serene and comfortable environment to get to the underlying causes of your drug addiction or alcohol addiction and stress and anxiety issues.  We work one on one with you, offering private addiction therapy services in an accelerated pace so you can return to your life faster and with more tools to deal with your underlying stressors.  After completion of time with us you can have your own sober recovery coach in the comfort of your home for 30 days to continue with all that you have learned with us.


Disconnect from chaos and connect to Serenity.  Get to the underlying root cause of your issues quickly and safely.  We work with individuals and couples at an accelerated pace to get to the root cause of your drug and alcohol addiction and we offer forward progressive solutions to combat those demons.  We are the alternative to drug and alcohol treatment facilities.
Come disconnect from the chaos and connect to serenity in our stunning, ocean view boutique facility that offers the most luxurious, tranquil, and private experience available in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Cali Estes of The Addictions Coach has partnered with Moffitt Wellness Retreat  to offer a Concierge Boutique drug and alcohol treatment experience.  This is an extraordinary villa in the hills of the beach of Mismaloya.  A 4-villa, multilevel facility with over 8,000 square feet, Casa Patricia includes a swimming pool, gym, and is fully staffed to cater to your individual needs.  Whether you are struggling with addiction to alcohol, opiate, methamphetamine, cocaine or other substance abuse, destructive life-style caused by addiction or just need to find yourself again, a wonderful journey awaits you.  Our guests leave feeling healthy, refreshed, happy and peaceful; in many cases, for the first time in their lives.
In addition to meeting with Cali Estes One on One  for 7-15 days, you can enjoy the amenities and  Mindful Activities the Wellness Center has to offer and refresh your body, mind and spirit. FULLY CONFIDENTIAL BOUTIQUE DRUG AND ALCOHOL TREATMENT.  Leave refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle the world.
One on One Therapy with pure exclusivity and no prey eyes of traditional Drug and alcohol treatment facilities.
  • Enjoy Peace and Quiet in your private room with spa tub
  • Complete Staff – maid, concierge, chef
  • Explore the city
  • Relax on the Beach
  • Explore the Mountains
  • Shop in local markets
  • Delicious meals prepared by our talented on-site chef
  • Peaceful massages on-site
  • Yoga classes on the coast
  • Pure revitalization
  • Cooling swimming pool on the terrace
  • Sun bathing in the soothing environment of the Casa or nearby on the beach
  • Media Room where you can enjoy the extensive media library with wide-ranging topics such as the effects of addiction or new age spirituality
  • Church Services off-site
  • Horseback riding in the inspiring Sierra Madre mountains
  • Community service – visiting & volunteering at local orphanages and community feeding programs
  • Hiking
  • Acupuncture and new-age holistic renewal practices
Our mission is to guide you to cultivate strength with the ability to break self-destructive habits and patterns that are conscious and unconscious in nature.  In the ability to achieve this, we create positive life changing shifts within your normal daily habits from the very moment you arrive.  These ‘shifts’ comprise of a program based strongly in renewing your physical and emotional well-being through nutrition, physical fitness/therapies, private addiction therapy with Cali Estes, and meditation.  This approach allows our guests to achieve personal breakthroughs in multiple areas of their lives.  This enables our guests to achieve a total transformation from drug and alcohol addiction, and a renewed sense of hope and positive outlook.
Our efforts are directed toward one primary goal: to empower you to live a joy filled life, free from the burden of drug and alcohol addiction.  From our treatment philosophies to our daily activities and interactions, we are committed to offering you or your loved one a world-class experience.  We honor this commitment by continuously seeking new, innovative, evidence-based approaches.
Exceptional care; focusing on the development of healthy habits, with the connection of strength on your side to combat your drug and alcohol issues. Providing intense knowledge of addiction and  addiction therapy, to get to the root cause of your drug and alcohol addiction is what Cali Estes and the Team at Moffitt Wellness retreat do best.    After your 7-15 day stay you are provided with a Recovery Coach or Sober Companion to accompany you home for 30 days to continue your journey.
Call us at 786.709.0479 for a custom quote for your stay and let us help you.  Or email