Lopez Passes Out Drunk On Casino Floor

Lopez passes out drunk on casino floor

Alcohol Addiction Or Just A Bad Decision?

Lopez passes out drunk on casino floor.

Comedian and actor George Lopez was arrested for passing out on the floor of the casino where he performed earlier that evening.  Apparently, he had been drunk and decided to lay down on the floor of the casino to rest, and fell asleep.   Luckily for him he was scheduled to perform again the following evening, so the casino didn’t press charges.   He just spent some time sobering up in the drunk tank.   Does the Saint George star have a drinking problem or was this just a bad decision after “tying one on”, as he says?  I would assume the casino provided him a hotel room, at least!

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Addiction or Entitlement?

Does Browns wide receiver Davone Bess have a serious addiction that he’s dealing with, or just an extreme sense of entitlement?

Lack of impulse control? Pouring coffee on an officer. check

Anger and aggression management?  Pulling off your shirt and engaging officer in fighting.  check, check.

Drug or alcohol addiction?  Glazed, vacant eyes “staring through” the officer? check, check, check.

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Michael Bay: From Behind The Camera To The Front. What Causes Social Anxiety?

The Expert answers:
Cali Says:  “When you go from behind the camera to the front, it changes your perspective and your comfort level.  It is why coaches are great at coaching and not playing.  Directors are good at giving orders and creating the product, not being onstage in the product.  If you look at the video of Michael Bay above, in the beginning you can see he is nervous on that stage, in front of the camera.  His aids probably told him to just read the words and you will be fine.  Then the words, his safety net, were gone.  Fight or flight kicked in and he fled.  At The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy, we specialize in stress and anxiety. We can use behavioral modification techniques to assist in these events and others.”

ASK THE EXPERT: Today’s Topic -Recovery Coach Certification

Question:  “I see that you offer Intervention and Recovery Coaching Certifications.  What makes your certification different from all the others on the market? “
Robert S., New York

Cali Estes says: “Well Robert, first we are the only evidence based practice model that is approved nationally by NAADAC that offers both Recovery Coaching and Intervention.  There are a lot of local certifications that meet local board requirements but nothing national.  Also, we have teamed up with Diversified Intervention Group to offer the first and only ISE Endorsement level Intervention Certification that goes above and beyond anything on the market today.   We specialize in offering amazing courses that meet all National Requirements and offer the students the best possible education — all classes taught by master level teachers. You can call us at 786.709.0479 for more information or go to to see the full array of courses.”