One Addiction for Another: Replacing Bad Habits with “Good” Habits?


One Addiction for Another

Replacing Bad Habits with “Good” Habits?

9/28/2020 by Chris Cobb



I’ve had plenty of addictions. Drugs, alcohol, food, and so on. I also have over 2 years at this point without any drugs or alcohol in my life. I’ve heard the phrase quite often: “You must replace bad habits with good ones.”. I have done so in one way or another, for the most part. Like quitting smoking, and joining the gym to become even healthier with exercise than quitting smoking alone would do for me. I’ve also gone out to eat far too often instead of being on an all beer diet. Some habit replacements can be healthy, others, not so much. So let’s talk about some NEW bad habits we might grab while in recovery, and some better habits to replace them with.


Bad Habit #1: Stress, losing sleep over new responsibilities:

New job? New girlfriend? New Car? Nice. Welcome to your new sober life. Where you don’t lose jobs over drunken mishaps, or get arrested for the like. But we still have to be careful. How much have you changed in your life, and how fast? This is the first question to ask yourself. The next one is: Am I pacing myself? Is your new job or job(s) overwhelming, is the new girlfriend or boyfriend requiring more attention than you can give, causing issues in the relationship? Are you struggling to stay above water on your car payment? These are all stressful things, if you’re like me anyway. I tend to get far too stressed when dealing with life on life’s terms, especially when I present new “adulting” skills into my everyday life. So long story short, I have a lot on my plate. Maybe not more than I did when I was drinking, per-say. But back then, what I had in front of me was petty compared to now. It was stress and pain I had caused myself and others, that I could simply drown out with alcohol. Now I can’t do that. I won’t. Say some of the things we have begun to do now are actually necessary even. Exercise, healthy eating, routines, calendars, meetings, etc… Even good things can overwhelm us, quite easily, and quite often. So what’s just one thing we can do to help with all this new “good” stress? I personally believe that meditation is one thing that has truly helped me keep my serenity over the last couple of years. When I am stressed and exhausted, mentally, physically, and spiritually, I begin to feel like I’m in a small room with the walls closing in. I feel like hiding, like curling up and giving up. Meditation has allowed me to focus on myself, my body, sometimes trying to think of nothing at all; not fighting the thoughts that come to mind, but focusing on them for just a few seconds and allowing them to drift away, knowing that there is a solution to every problem. There are many forms of meditation. Music, guided meditation, driving, or just pure relaxation. There are typically one or more meditation groups of different types locally, and even if not, you can find pretty much any instructional, or voice guide online. So try it out sometime, see what it can do for you. There’s no harm that could come from it. Let’s read on.



Bad Habit #2: Spending too much money:

            Let’s take stress out of the equation for a moment. Say you have a spending habit that tends to break your bank and forces you to live paycheck to paycheck, but you’re not really too worried over it.. Sometimes, we begin not to care about much when we are grateful simply for making it past our old life, our addiction. We’re in recovery and we’ve “got this no matter what.” Right? Well, what happens when you lose your job, and don’t have any money saved up, not even enough to make it by for the next week or two that it will take you to even get an interview for your next potential job? You bought that Playstation 5 that you didn’t really need, because you work too much to play games anyway. You threw a Stage 3 Turbo and 20s on your 97 Honda Accord right before it broke down, and now you can’t afford a new head gasket. This is where we need to be prepared. I like to use the Six Ps. Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. (5, 6, same diff). What I mean by this, is that if I don’t have some emergency money saved back, or I don’t work on the most important parts of my car before I shoot for luxury or convenience, I have potentially screwed my near future self if something goes awry. So what we need here is if we don’t already know how, to learn to keep a budget, even a budget sheet that shows our income, and our possible expenses, prioritized from most important to least. Minimizing: making what we NEED outweigh what we WANT. Again with the car. Did you need that Turbo, or did you need new brakes and rotors? I mean fast is fun until you can’t slow down when you need to. The point in this whole thing is to live within our means. If we don’t need it, don’t buy it. If we need it, plan it out and get it taken care of. Buy groceries instead of eating fast or fancy. You can literally feed yourself for 2 weeks at home for what it would cost to eat at a nice steakhouse for one night. Most importantly, PAY ATTENTION to your bank account! Sometimes, I even keep cash in my wallet, or in a lockbox instead of putting it in the bank. I tend to forget I have the cash, or look at my bank account being less than what I actually have, and consider myself close to broke sooner than reality. This helps me really evaluate what I’m about to purchase online and figure out if I should really buy it or not. Let’s move on to the next bad habit, and its possible solution.



Bad Habit #3: Isolation Station – Wasting Time Doing Nothing:

            Ok, so scenario C. You’re not really too stressed, you are doing okay at your part time job living in housing or a recovery home. In your ample amount of free time, you sleep, play video games, watch TV. You start to do these relaxing things so often that you become acclimated to them, as if they are becoming second nature to you. Fast forward a couple of months. You still only have 20 hours of work each week, you get food stamps, and live a nice relaxing lifestyle overall. But where does this leave your recovery? You’re living the same way you lived when you were drinking and getting high, but now it’s easier to get bored or depressed, and the only thing you’re doing to keep your mind occupied is staying in a room by yourself playing the Crash Bandicoot remake, eating cheetos naked in a beanbag chair. What happened to upping your goals once you decided to CHANGE YOUR LIFE? We are now at  a dangerously vulnerable point in our life, whether we know it or not. We aren’t socializing. We’ve cut out the toxic people from our life, but what about the new people? Are we going to meetings? Are we talking to anyone, a sponsor? Even a counselor? It’s time to get up and get out. Establish healthy environments, and only allow healthy, positive people in your circle. Get a sponsor, someone you can confide in, someone you can trust completely to listen to exactly what is on your mind. It’s vitally important to voice what your spirit is going through. Overall, we need to get out of our comfort zone in order to truly start a new life for ourselves. The more inspiration, motivation, and determination we will gain from this will easily allow us to think outside of what used to be our limits, realize that the only limit is our own imagination, and leave that part time job behind for something bigger and better that will allow us to level up to those 20s and Turbos on our new modern set of wheels, without breaking us.


So just food for thought. Evaluate your surroundings, your work, your home, your life in general, and decide overall if you are happy, or if there is something you can do to add even more value to your life, besides just taking out the drugs and booze from your routine. Quit drinking, quit getting high, but NEVER quit BUILDING YOUR WORLD. 

Los Angeles Sober Coach: 100% Confidentiality

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Los Angeles Sober Coach

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As a Professional Athlete your Needs are Unique.

Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach is NFL Sober Coach

Its that time of the year again where there is a 4 week ‘free’ window in the NFL and the players get to have some freedom. This is the time period when they get into trouble, crash cars, get DUI’s, get arrested, sneak guns into a nightclub and maybe even get arrested for sexual misconduct. This can be avoided by using an anger management or drug and alcohol sober coach.

At The Addictions Coach our specialty is assisting Professional Football Players when partying gets out of hand or anger management issues cause them to lose focus or get arrested. From Sober Companion Services to Recovery Coaching Services to Addiction Therapy, we can handle it all for the Professional Sports Player. We offer gambling addiction coaching, drug and alcohol addiction coaching, sex addiction coaching, Anger Management Coaching, and we offer it on the playing field, off the field, at home and also while the professional football player is traveling.

As a professional athlete your needs are unique.

You need your head in the game both on and off the field. You need to make sure your image is clean and untainted in the papers or you risk getting cut from the team. You read the paper and see the news of all the professional athletes that are arrested for drugs, alcohol, steroids, hiring prostitutes, gambling and of course excessive partying. You watch as other Professional Football Players get cut from the team, dropped from their sponsorships, divorced and smeared in the headlines. They are using both legal and illegal drugs, taking guns into nightclubs, having affairs, getting involved in domestic violence issues and of course gambling their paychecks away. Some professional football players may retire early to avoid the embarrassment, some end up in jail, some broke living with their parents and of course, some end up dead. Don’t let that be YOU. With all the hard work and dedication you have put into professional football, don’t throw it all away for drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling and guns. Hire us before you make the decision to do something you regret. We are your Addiction Coaches. We come to you, on the field and off.


At The Addictions Coach, we specialize in pro levels athletes. We are the addiction coaches in football. We are International and can travel with you and your team as your sober coach, addictions coach, sober companion and addictions therapist. At The Addictions Coach, we cover all aspects of life coaching, addictions coaching, anger management, ADHD, drug and alcohol treatment, gambling addiction, sex addiction, as well as life issues and proper off the field/court behaviors. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, can assist you in remaining out of the negative public press and spotlights. Through our special blend of Addiction Therapy, Recovery Coaching and sports psychology we will get to the root of your issues and assist you in moving forward in a positive direction so your career and home life will flourish. We are with you, every step of the way. Playing Professional Football is a unique talent and the stressors and events that accompany the
career are unique as the sport itself. We are well versed in those stressors and can assist you in everything from gambling addiction, drug and alcohol addiction to anger management and stress and anxiety. We even offer a unique Mobile Rehab and we bring the treatment to you.

At The Addictions Coach we are 100% CONFIDENTIAL!

At The Addictions Coach, we know what you need and how fast you need it. We can help you stop that negative behavior before you ruin your career and your relationships. We specialize in Anger Management and drug and alcohol addictions. Cali Estes and her Team of Nationally Certified Recovery Coaches are 100% CONFIDENTIAL and will assist you in understanding your behaviors and how to get to the root cause of the problem quickly without tarnishing your career as a Professional Football Player. After a few sessions with Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, you will begin to notice a change within yourself and the way you view your environment. Your lifestyle will begin to change and your stress will drop along with your addictive tendencies. Your anger and aggression will fade and you will have positive coping skills and strategies both on and off and Football Field. You will be able to identify your patterns of addictive thinking and move forward towards positive change and produce personal growth.

At The Addictions Coach, we use a different approach. We do not focus on the past and break your spirit down only to build you back up like the traditional medical models and 12 step programs which focus on the things you did wrong and making amends. These types of drug and alcohol treatment programs keep you stuck in the past and spinning your wheels and ultimately end in relapse. At The Addictions Coach, we focus on the future and positive forward change in your Professional Football Career. Our Nationally Certified Recovery Coaches will teach you how to use the techniques of empowerment and positive reinforcement, to assist you in gaining control of your life and being successful without the added stress of drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction or anger management issues.

If you are court ordered to treatment, or arrested for a DUI or possession of a controlled substance (narcotics) the publicity can be an ugly mess that you do not need in your Professional Football Career. Your coach and public relations team want the negative press to subside and Cali Estes and her team at The Addictions Coach can work with the court system on your behalf to lessen the blow and allow you to continue in your career.

Cali Estes was interviewed by the LA Times for an article on addiction and professional sports. Please see article here:

We can provide 24/7 support, weekly, daily, or hourly consultations. We can travel with you to away games and we are available for you during the off-season as well. Let us help you make the most of your Professional Football Career and be there for you when you need us.

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Denver, Colorado legalized weed and crime dropped. Is it really that bad of an herb?

Tax dollars are pouring in, crime is down in Denver, and few of the early concerns about social breakdown have materialized.

In the first four months, marijuana sales amounted to more than $202 million, about a third of them recreational. Taxes from recreational sales were almost $11 million.

Despite some critics’ fears of a pot-driven crime explosion, Denver police say burglaries and robberies were down by between 4 and 5 percent in the first four months of the year.

Read full article below and share your thoughts:

Bad Boys and Women: Why We Want What We Shouldn’t



Bad Boys and Women: Why We Want What We Shouldn’t
By Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach

Bad boys


Convicted Felon Jeremy Meeks, age 30 is seen by some 64,000 women that are infatuated with his mugshot on facebook and felt the need to ‘like’ is picture. No, for the record I was not one of them. What attracts women to this type of man? For centuries “nice men” have wondered what the allure to ‘a bad boy’ could be and why women are so fascinated with them. Here is why:

1. Women want to change and ‘fix’ the broken bad boy. Somehow they think that they can turn his behavior around and take him to church, reform him if you will and this gives them a sense of accomplishment and purpose in their lives.

2. Women like the allure of the underworld and having a bad boy boyfriend can make them feel alive. He does things she would never do, but can admire from afar. The thought of him committing crimes in the dark of night is exciting, until he cheats on her and she is devastated (like she never saw this coming)

3. Women want to be the Caretaker for the bad boy. They want to be able to assist him and that in turn makes them feel needed and wanted.

4. Women think because he is behind bars he is not cheating and is loyal to her. In fact, he is loyal to anyone that will send him cash for commissary, male or female.

5. Women want the guy that everyone else wants. Now others want what they have and they can show him off, like a trophy.

The interesting piece here is how this sudden rise to ‘felon fame’ will affect Jeremy Meeks and his gang-related activities. Now that he is ‘high profile’ will he become a target or will he simply carry on with his day?

Cali Estes
The Addictions Coach

Cali Estes, Interviewed on “Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101- The Addictions Coach






Cali Estes, Interviewed on “Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101- The Addictions Coach
This week’s show is all about choices and possibilities. How do you think rehab should go? Would being able to stay in your own environment be good or bad? How about going about your work, school, social responsibilities and being able to “bounce off” situations with a therapist/counselor when “stuff” happens, to get immediate tools to use? What about someone being by your side when you relapse or to help you help yourself not to relapse? Denise speaks with Cali Estes, founder of the Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach, about the different, creative modes of treatment she is discovering to work well with a different “twist”.

You can find Cali at her websites above or call her at 1-800 706-0318


Kids are not Smiling over “Smiles”, they are being charged with Murder.

Kids are not Smiling over “Smiles”, they are being charged with Murder.
Five Minnesota teenagers have been charged with murder in the death of a 17-year-old girl who authorities say was supplied with a dangerous synthetic form of LSD aka “Smiles”.

According to the Huffington Post, the five teens have been charged with third-degree murder in the death of Tara Fitzgerald. The defendants are identified as Cole Alexander Matenaer and Alexander Lee Claussen, both 19, and 17-year-olds Sydney Clair Johnson, Alistair Curtis Berg and Brian Phillip Norlander. Johnson, Berg and Norlander also face charges for the alleged sale of dangerous drugs to someone under 18, authorities said.

According to the prosecutor, the teen defendants were buying and selling a synthetic form of LSD. The drugs were allegedly supplied by Claussen to the other defendants and Norlander ultimately provided it to Fitzgerald, the prosecutor said.

Fitzgerald, a junior at Woodbury High School, was found unresponsive on January 11, after a slumber party at her home. The teen was transported to Regions Hospital in St. Paul, where she was pronounced dead. The office of the Ramsey County medical examiner determined the drug that killed Fitzgerald was a synthetic form of LSD known clinically as 25i-NBOMe.

The criminal complaint states Fitzgerald and a girlfriend, who was staying overnight at her house, had each taken 25i-NBOMe. Videos found on the girls’ cellphones allegedly show them under the influence of the drug, the complaint said.

According to Pamela Capaci, the executive director of Prevention Links, an organization specializing in preventing drug abuse, 25i-NBOMe, known on the streets as “N-Bomb,” “25-Eye,” or “Smiles,” is a very dangerous hallucinogenic drug. “It’s actually one of the most deadly designer drugs on the market today,” Capaci told The Huffington Post. “The chemical compound is similar to LSD and there is a mixture of other unstable synthetic chemical compounds. “Capaci said users of the drug can experience hallucinations, erratic thoughts and behavior.

“It can raise blood pressure and people can go into seizures,” she said. “It is similar to bath salts, in that it can produce an adrenalin effect.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration reports 25i-NBOMe and its close relatives, like 25C-NBOMe, are responsible for at least 14 deaths in 11 states between 2012 and 2013.

Capaci said part of the problem is the drug is growing in popularity, especially with teenagers.

At The Addictions Coach we can help you with Smiles. Call us at 1.800.706.0318 or

Unhealthy Relationship With Food


Unhealthy Relationship with Food

Ask the Expert:  “I think I may have an issue with food.  I over eat, binge eat, when I am stressed or upset.  Then I feel sick for days and refuse to eat.  Sometimes I workout or use laxatives to drop the weight quickly.  Do you think I have an issue with food and can you help me?”

Answer:  Cali Estes says, ”You seem to have an unhealthy relationship with food.  You are binge eating and then punishing yourself because you over ate.  This is very unhealthy.  I recommend you speak to an Eating Disorder Specialist or a food addictions coach.  Get to the bottom of why you are ‘stuffing’ your feelings down with food.  You need to get to the core of why you are doing these behaviors and process these emotions.   You can then learn more positive coping skills and ways to handle the issues that are upsetting you.  We can assist you with that as well.”

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Using Drugs?

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Using Drugs?

Ask The Expert:  “How can I tell if my son is using drugs?  His behavior has changed.   He always wants to argue with me and beg for money, even though I give him over $200 a week.  I asked him to take one of those home drug tests that I bought for $35 at the CVS but he refuses.  I don’t know what to do.  Can you help me?”  — Marilyn J. from Oklahoma

Answer: Cali Estes Says, “I would have him evaluated by a professional that specializes in drug and alcohol issues.  Have him evaluated to rule out any mental health issues and determine if he needs drug and alcohol treatment.  Once you have him evaluated by a professional you can request a urine test.  If it is positive, then we can talk about drug and alcohol treatment.  I would have a full 12 panel test done and request a spice and bath salts test to check for legal drugs that he may be on as well.  Also, I would suggest you sweep his room.  Check drawers, under mattresses, in small areas, look for pills, drugs, alcohol etc.  If you need assistance we can offer an Interventionist or Recovery Coach to assist you with this.  We also offer Family Coaching to get you through the rough patch and assist you with your son.”

Mobile Rehab to include Sober Companions and Sober Coaches

The Addictions Coach expands mobile rehab to include Sober Companions and Sober Coaches

The Addictions Coach announced that they are expanding their services to include not only therapy and mobile drug and alcohol rehabilitation services but also Sober Coaches and Sober Companions.  At The Addictions Coach they offer traditional one hour talk therapy sessions, 7 day intensive rehab ‘tune ups’ , where they bring the idea of drug treatment direct to the client at the client’s home or location and most recently they are offering Sober Coaches and Sober Companions to stay with the client 24/7 and assist the client in remaining sober and learning new life skills.

Traditional rehab centers offer a 28 day stay followed by therapy, if the client will attend the sessions.  What about the other 23 hours in the day? The Addictions Coach has found a solution for that and has sober companions and sober coaches on hand to assist the client in remaining drug and alcohol free in their daily work and life environment.

“Having Cali Estes come into our home for 7 days and help our son learn how to deal with his addiction has been amazing,” Nancy F said.  “She was on hand to answer all of our questions, included us in the process, and then also gave us a sober companion that stayed with our son for the next 30 days and assisted him in learning how to function sober in the world. They really changed our perception of how to deal with our son’s behaviors.”

Cali’s multidimensional approach focuses on the underlying cause of the addiction and she approaches each client in an original manner. Unlike traditional rehabilitation centers that convince the addict that they have a disease that is incurable and they must attend meetings, recite prayers and follow steps, Cali tailors her program to fit the client. By realizing that each client is unique and their pattern of addiction is unique with a root cause, Cali is able to address the addiction at the core and assist the addict in making the necessary changes and positive steps in their life.

“I tried three different rehabs in a one year period,” Michael J said. “Each time I left I was smoking crack within 24 hours. I didn’t’ know what to do, so I called Cali and she came over and worked with me, at home.  She also sent over a sober companion to stay with me 24/7 and he was amazing. He showed me how to work out and go have fun without crack. It had been so long that I didn’t know how to have fun anymore.  I highly recommend them to everyone.”

At The Addictions Coach, they have sober coaches and sober companions from all over the nation that are skilled in assisting clients in learning how to have happy, productive lifestyles free from alcohol and drugs. Both male and female sober coaches and companions are available and most have suffered some form of addiction. All of the sober coaches and sober companions at The Addictions Coach utilize fitness and nutrition as a way to combat stressors and assist the client in remaining sober.

“I wanted to combine my skill in addictions with a full program that actually helps people stay sober,” Cali Estes said. “If a client does not come back to me because they are doing well, then I know that I am doing my job properly and that is our goal here.  We are not a one size fits all program or a one stop shop.  We do not do groups or require that you attend meetings or get a sponsor.  What we actually do is help you get sober, stay sober, and get through all the issues that are really challenging you in the first place.  We remove those and teach you how to handle life stressors without all the drugs and alcohol.”

The Addictions Coach is based out of Miami Florida but services clients in all of South Florida, New York City and Los Angeles.

Cali Estes

786 709 0479