Kids are not Smiling over “Smiles”, they are being charged with Murder.

Kids are not Smiling over “Smiles”, they are being charged with Murder.
Five Minnesota teenagers have been charged with murder in the death of a 17-year-old girl who authorities say was supplied with a dangerous synthetic form of LSD aka “Smiles”.

According to the Huffington Post, the five teens have been charged with third-degree murder in the death of Tara Fitzgerald. The defendants are identified as Cole Alexander Matenaer and Alexander Lee Claussen, both 19, and 17-year-olds Sydney Clair Johnson, Alistair Curtis Berg and Brian Phillip Norlander. Johnson, Berg and Norlander also face charges for the alleged sale of dangerous drugs to someone under 18, authorities said.

According to the prosecutor, the teen defendants were buying and selling a synthetic form of LSD. The drugs were allegedly supplied by Claussen to the other defendants and Norlander ultimately provided it to Fitzgerald, the prosecutor said.

Fitzgerald, a junior at Woodbury High School, was found unresponsive on January 11, after a slumber party at her home. The teen was transported to Regions Hospital in St. Paul, where she was pronounced dead. The office of the Ramsey County medical examiner determined the drug that killed Fitzgerald was a synthetic form of LSD known clinically as 25i-NBOMe.

The criminal complaint states Fitzgerald and a girlfriend, who was staying overnight at her house, had each taken 25i-NBOMe. Videos found on the girls’ cellphones allegedly show them under the influence of the drug, the complaint said.

According to Pamela Capaci, the executive director of Prevention Links, an organization specializing in preventing drug abuse, 25i-NBOMe, known on the streets as “N-Bomb,” “25-Eye,” or “Smiles,” is a very dangerous hallucinogenic drug. “It’s actually one of the most deadly designer drugs on the market today,” Capaci told The Huffington Post. “The chemical compound is similar to LSD and there is a mixture of other unstable synthetic chemical compounds. “Capaci said users of the drug can experience hallucinations, erratic thoughts and behavior.

“It can raise blood pressure and people can go into seizures,” she said. “It is similar to bath salts, in that it can produce an adrenalin effect.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration reports 25i-NBOMe and its close relatives, like 25C-NBOMe, are responsible for at least 14 deaths in 11 states between 2012 and 2013.

Capaci said part of the problem is the drug is growing in popularity, especially with teenagers.

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Concierge Private Villa Retreat.

Cali Estes partners with Moffitt Wellness Retreat to offer:

Concierge Private Villa Retreat

Concierge Private Villa Retreat.  Concierge Private Villa Retreat.
  Concierge Private Villa Retreat.  At The Addictions Coach we offer Unique, One on One Addiction Therapy in a remote location with serene environment in a shorter time period than traditional drug and alcohol treatment centers.  
A Private Concierge Style Retreat.  We offer one on one addiction therapy, Recovery Coaching and Stress and Anxiety Management in 7-15 days instead of sitting in a rehab for 28.  You will fly into a private celebrity location where you will experience a serene and comfortable environment to get to the underlying causes of your drug addiction or alcohol addiction and stress and anxiety issues.  We work one on one with you, offering private addiction therapy services in an accelerated pace so you can return to your life faster and with more tools to deal with your underlying stressors.  After completion of time with us you can have your own sober recovery coach in the comfort of your home for 30 days to continue with all that you have learned with us.


Disconnect from chaos and connect to Serenity.  Get to the underlying root cause of your issues quickly and safely.  We work with individuals and couples at an accelerated pace to get to the root cause of your drug and alcohol addiction and we offer forward progressive solutions to combat those demons.  We are the alternative to drug and alcohol treatment facilities.
Come disconnect from the chaos and connect to serenity in our stunning, ocean view boutique facility that offers the most luxurious, tranquil, and private experience available in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Cali Estes of The Addictions Coach has partnered with Moffitt Wellness Retreat  to offer a Concierge Boutique drug and alcohol treatment experience.  This is an extraordinary villa in the hills of the beach of Mismaloya.  A 4-villa, multilevel facility with over 8,000 square feet, Casa Patricia includes a swimming pool, gym, and is fully staffed to cater to your individual needs.  Whether you are struggling with addiction to alcohol, opiate, methamphetamine, cocaine or other substance abuse, destructive life-style caused by addiction or just need to find yourself again, a wonderful journey awaits you.  Our guests leave feeling healthy, refreshed, happy and peaceful; in many cases, for the first time in their lives.
In addition to meeting with Cali Estes One on One  for 7-15 days, you can enjoy the amenities and  Mindful Activities the Wellness Center has to offer and refresh your body, mind and spirit. FULLY CONFIDENTIAL BOUTIQUE DRUG AND ALCOHOL TREATMENT.  Leave refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle the world.
One on One Therapy with pure exclusivity and no prey eyes of traditional Drug and alcohol treatment facilities.
  • Enjoy Peace and Quiet in your private room with spa tub
  • Complete Staff – maid, concierge, chef
  • Explore the city
  • Relax on the Beach
  • Explore the Mountains
  • Shop in local markets
  • Delicious meals prepared by our talented on-site chef
  • Peaceful massages on-site
  • Yoga classes on the coast
  • Pure revitalization
  • Cooling swimming pool on the terrace
  • Sun bathing in the soothing environment of the Casa or nearby on the beach
  • Media Room where you can enjoy the extensive media library with wide-ranging topics such as the effects of addiction or new age spirituality
  • Church Services off-site
  • Horseback riding in the inspiring Sierra Madre mountains
  • Community service – visiting & volunteering at local orphanages and community feeding programs
  • Hiking
  • Acupuncture and new-age holistic renewal practices
Our mission is to guide you to cultivate strength with the ability to break self-destructive habits and patterns that are conscious and unconscious in nature.  In the ability to achieve this, we create positive life changing shifts within your normal daily habits from the very moment you arrive.  These ‘shifts’ comprise of a program based strongly in renewing your physical and emotional well-being through nutrition, physical fitness/therapies, private addiction therapy with Cali Estes, and meditation.  This approach allows our guests to achieve personal breakthroughs in multiple areas of their lives.  This enables our guests to achieve a total transformation from drug and alcohol addiction, and a renewed sense of hope and positive outlook.
Our efforts are directed toward one primary goal: to empower you to live a joy filled life, free from the burden of drug and alcohol addiction.  From our treatment philosophies to our daily activities and interactions, we are committed to offering you or your loved one a world-class experience.  We honor this commitment by continuously seeking new, innovative, evidence-based approaches.
Exceptional care; focusing on the development of healthy habits, with the connection of strength on your side to combat your drug and alcohol issues. Providing intense knowledge of addiction and  addiction therapy, to get to the root cause of your drug and alcohol addiction is what Cali Estes and the Team at Moffitt Wellness retreat do best.    After your 7-15 day stay you are provided with a Recovery Coach or Sober Companion to accompany you home for 30 days to continue your journey.
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How Can I Tell If My Child Is Using Drugs?

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Using Drugs?

Ask The Expert:  “How can I tell if my son is using drugs?  His behavior has changed.   He always wants to argue with me and beg for money, even though I give him over $200 a week.  I asked him to take one of those home drug tests that I bought for $35 at the CVS but he refuses.  I don’t know what to do.  Can you help me?”  — Marilyn J. from Oklahoma

Answer: Cali Estes Says, “I would have him evaluated by a professional that specializes in drug and alcohol issues.  Have him evaluated to rule out any mental health issues and determine if he needs drug and alcohol treatment.  Once you have him evaluated by a professional you can request a urine test.  If it is positive, then we can talk about drug and alcohol treatment.  I would have a full 12 panel test done and request a spice and bath salts test to check for legal drugs that he may be on as well.  Also, I would suggest you sweep his room.  Check drawers, under mattresses, in small areas, look for pills, drugs, alcohol etc.  If you need assistance we can offer an Interventionist or Recovery Coach to assist you with this.  We also offer Family Coaching to get you through the rough patch and assist you with your son.”

Ray Rice KO’d His Fiancee’ in an Elevator!

Ray Rice KO’d His Fiancee’ in an Elevator!
Ray Rice….drug and alcohol fueled rage, anger management issues or the ‘Chris Brown‘ syndrome?   When is it OK for a football player or celeb to hit his wife or girlfriend? AND then drag her out of the elevator?   Where is the counseling and coaching for these sports teams? It appears the staff at the Baltimore Ravens need to step up their game and teach their players some better manors and coping skills.  See for yourself.

The Addictions Coach Wins Best of Miami 2013

                               The Addictions Coach Wins Best of Miami 2013                         
The Addictions Coach Wins Best of Miami 2013.

The Miami area has been named the fastest growing city in America.  New people are arriving from all over the country.  With the influx of International clients, there are more people that need to be seen and assisted.  Cali Estes, of The Addictions Coach, has been named the Top Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center by the City of Miami.  She has been awarded the honor of being designated the Addictions Coach and Addictions therapist to assist the growing population of the City of Miami.

Cali Estes has a  varied background in drug and alcohol treatment, recovery coaching, intervention, and experience speaking in 2 countries.  Cali has created a course for other professionals to assist them in learning more about the addiction field.  This allows more clients beyond the city of Miami to be helped with drug and alcohol problems.

Another celeb without a RECOVERY COACH? Philip Seymour Hoffman DEAD of overdose.

WHY this is a recipe for disaster:

Celebrities need handlers, assistants, recovery coaches, life coaches and PR people to tell them what to do and how to behave. It is the nature of the industry. They show up, get handed the script or song and are told read this, sing that, stand here. They have little to no identity and  feel lost and confused most of the time. This is why we see the success with Recovery Coaches or Sober Coaches and celebrities.  The Recovery Coach can educate the other staff on what to look for in terms of drug use and possible relapses with their client.  The Recovery Coach can be there when the triggers arise and the client starts to want to get high. I guarantee you before Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead there were signs of use.  A Recovery Coach could most likely have prevented the entire thing, if not at least been on hand to save him. Recovery Coaches are wonderful tools that are not used enough in the celebrity lifestyle.

At The Addictions Coach we can help, it is what we are trained for. We educate the staff and we look for signs in the client. It is preventable and we can be there to assist.  Call us today 786.709.0479

This “Theraflu” Isn’t For Fevers!

“Theraflu”, “Bud Ice” and “Income Tax”.  The street names for a mix of heroin and the prescription painkiller Fentanyl.  It’s making headlines because it is believed that at least 22 people in Western Pennsylvania have died in the last two weeks, due to this combo.  But this is not new.  Fentanyl has been used to cut heroin. Roxy and oxy are not available so now they are buying heroin.  When you cut with Fentanyl its cheaper to produce.

Addiction or Entitlement?

Does Browns wide receiver Davone Bess have a serious addiction that he’s dealing with, or just an extreme sense of entitlement?

Lack of impulse control? Pouring coffee on an officer. check

Anger and aggression management?  Pulling off your shirt and engaging officer in fighting.  check, check.

Drug or alcohol addiction?  Glazed, vacant eyes “staring through” the officer? check, check, check.

See more below and decide:

Will Parents Be To Blame For Many Future Drug Addicts?

ADHD Medication Could Set Your Child Up For Drug Addiction As An Adult

Many doctors and psychologists are finally starting to agree that the diagnosis of ADHD in children is “over-used” and based on “fuzzy diagnostic practices”, as stated by Harvard psychologist and world leader in child development, Jerome Kagan.  In addition, Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, a founding member of the Royal College of General  Practitioners, in 1998 stated, “ADHD is fraud intended to justify starting  children on a life of drug addiction.”

How it works: A child is prescribed an approved drug to help with the ADHD or ADD.  These drugs are stimulants.  Stimulant abuse and prescription drug addiction is the most common addiction, next to alcohol.  These children get used to the feelings these drugs give them.  As they get older and stress and anxiety take on bigger roles, they turn to using drugs to cope saying that the high feels “strangely familiar”.   By the time the stressful situation is over they are left with the addiction, still needing the high to  feel normal.

Here are the black-box warnings of the side effects of many ADHD and ADD medications:
– Confusion
– Depersonalization
– Hostility
– Hallucinations
– Manic  reactions
– Suicidal ideation
– Loss of consciousness
– Delusions
– Feeling drunk
– Alcohol abuse
– Homicidal  ideation
Why would parents subject their children to drugs with such  noted dangerous side effects?  What is this setting them up for as adults?

Cleary we have lazy parents that lack the skills or time to teach their own children good behavior, and doctors that over prescribe medication instead of spending time with their patients.  (Cali Estes was featured on NBC Universal News for this exact topic of over prescription and not dealing with the underlying cause of the problem)


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