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3 Reasons You Will Want to Become a Certified Teen Motivation Coach



3 Reasons You Will Want to Become a Certified Teen Motivation Coach

1/3/2022 by Chris Cobb

teenWe’ve heard of Life Coaches, Sober Companions and other types of coaching and counseling for adults with addictions as well as those who simply want to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones and live a more positive lifestyle; but what about the youth struggling with the same types of life issues? The Addictions Academy has this age group covered as well with the Internationally Certified Teen Motivation Coach (ICTMC) training it offers. Whether you have a friend or a loved one who is a teen that needs instruction on living better, or you want to help teens in your community or nation-wide, The Addictions Academy has you covered, and here are the top three reasons you may want to consider in becoming a Certified Teen Motivation Coach.

  1. Your own background:

Were you a troubled teen? Did your addiction start in the early years of your life, hanging with the wrong crowd or growing up in an unhealthy environment? Even if it wasn’t addiction, perhaps you weren’t taught the things required to be a motivated, hard-working individual later on in life. Whatever it may be, you’ve made it to where you are now, and maybe you recognize that it can be hard growing up in today’s world, and you want to help younger people who are where you once were, struggling to make a great future for themselves. As a Certified Teen Motivation Coach, you can help share your experience, strength, hope and wisdom to help others! Keep reading.


  1. Failure to Launch Syndrome:

If you’ve dealt with this or know people that struggle with Failure to Launch Syndrome, you know it can be mentally debilitating and hard to stay motivated in any way when someone is ‘stuck’ in the cycle. A Teen Motivation Coach can help those dealing with depression and anxiety, problems finding who they are or what they want to become (self-identity), and thinking they are not good enough to move up in life, aka self-loathing, as a result of social media or other implements that contribute to the detriment to self-image in today’s society.


  1. Parenting Issues:

Parenting styles such as Helicopter Parenting, Snowplow Parenting and Lawnmower Parenting have become a problem in some form or another in today’s generations. These originated from ‘leave no child behind’, an education concept and keep kids from learning how to deal with failure and come out of it stronger. As a Certified Teen Motivation Coach, you will be able to work with both the teen and the parent in order to uncover hidden talents and set healthy parental boundaries, expectations and teach how to follow through with action-based methods. Knowing the difference between failure and fear of success is one key factor in achieving goals, no matter how difficult they may seem in the beginning. You will teach parents the difference between helping achieve these goals, versus enabling.


So, if you are ready to help teens and young adults get ‘unstuck’ in their lives, The Addictions Academy’s Certified Teen Motivation Training is a perfect fit for you. Get ready to help create purpose and passion for your clients! Reach out to our elite team at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2.

Failure to Launch Coach Certification and Training Program

Failure to Launch Coach Certification and Training Program


Failure to Launch Coach Certification and Training Program is for those that want to help young adults flourish and get ‘unstuck’ in life. The term Failure to Launch Syndrome has surfaced and it describes the teen or early adult (sometimes 30 to 40’s even) that is still living at home, working sporadic jobs (or not working at all), and sometimes hooked on video games or drugs and alcohol. The parents are not sure what to do, but the enabling has gotten out of hand. Some of the parents not only provide lodging and pay their son/daughter’s rent, their car payment and provide spending money but they also come over and clean, cook, and do all the laundry. Our Failure to Launch Training and Certification Class will teach you the following:

1 – You will learn how to deal with the clients and their parents.  Our Professional certification and training will teach you how to uncover your client’s hidden talents and create an action plan with them. We will show you the difference between helping and enabling, and how to stop a bad situation before it occurs by giving your teen an ultimatum to get help, or be cut off.

2 – You will learn how to create and set parental boundaries, expectations, and follow-through. When you baby the addict, you kill the addict. Healthy boundaries are a must, as well as setting expectations so the person you are helping knows that you are not going to give in to manipulation or intimidation.

3 – You will learn how to coach, deal with the fear of failure versus fear of success, and how to create purpose and passion for your clients. One of the biggest fears for anyone, especially an addict, is change; whether it is failure or success. When you give the person a sense of purpose, set goals for them to achieve according to what their true passion in life might be, there is more power behind their reason to get up and put in the footwork towards a better life.

NOTE: There are NO prerequisites to this course, however, it is recommended that you also take the Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach class. Included in Fix Failure to Launch Certification, is a Self-Study Certification and training in Case Management, an ethics class, and 10 hours of coach mentorship/supervision. We do offer Job Board, Networking, and Business/Private Practice assistance. We also hire from within once you are trained, certified, insured, and bonded.

Addiction Enabled: 3 Signs you are Coddling Your Loved One To Death PART 2

Addiction Enabled:

3 Signs you are Coddling Your Loved One To Death

Part 2



Are you the enabling mother, father, or husband or wife and you just want to help but seem to make it worse? We understand….read on and we can help you.enabling

Sign 2 – The addict lives with you, and isn’t trying to work their way into a place of their own:

Your kid or even your sister or brother, a grown adult, needs a place to stay because of whatever circumstances may have come into play. So, you let them stay with you, with the promise that they will get a job super-fast, help around the house, and keep good company. 3 days later, you have not seen them for 3 days and they have not cleaned up after himself/herself. You may even find beer bottles or needles, other paraphernalia in their room (your living room). But you clean it up and let them come back whenever they will. They are not looking for a job, but you keep taking their excuses and hoping for the best. You cannot just hope someone will get better.

They may even admit it and say they want help; they ask you just to let them stay with you until they can find help. Well, even though you cannot do everything for someone, especially what they can do for themselves, this is where you cut off the excuses and bullshit, discard it, and put something into action. You get phone numbers to treatment centers or coaches, counselors, whatever might help. Then you discuss the situation and start putting together a plan. You tell this person that they call these places, get into the program, even an intervention for starts. If they don’t accept the help, they leave. It’s hard, yes.

But if you keep allowing any addict to take advantage of a couch, a fridge, a TV, and a shower, you’re enabling them. You’re potentially enabling their death by making things easy for them, so they don’t even feel the need to get help, or so much as evaluating what they are doing with their body, with their life, with YOUR LIFE. It’s the help they can take it or leave it. The most important thing you can do in this matter is to stand your ground and keep your word. No more free ride.

This is where my job as a Family Recovery Coach comes into play. I am able to discuss their addiction with them and you as a unit. We set boundaries, we set rules and we stick to them. We literally force their only hand, which is helpful, and as a Certified Family Recovery Coach, I can help you, the family unit through the entire process.

When you deal with failure to launch, or addiction treatment issues, you want a trained professional to assess the situation, make suggestions, and most importantly get action. You need RESULTS and we get them. Check out The Addictions Coach  and if you are looking to get certified as a Nationally Certified Family Coach or Nationally Certified Recovery Coach or call us at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2

Addiction Enabled: 3 Signs you are Coddling Your Loved One To Death Part 1

Addiction Enabled:

3 Signs you are Coddling Your Loved One To Death

Part 1

 loved one


This is a tough one. People die left and right of overdose from multiple controlled substances, alcohol poisoning, and many other forms of death tied to the drug world, including violence. It’s not such a predictable realm as most would think. I mean to some extent; you know for the most part that bad things can happen when you’re into bad things.


As a FAMILY RECOVERY COACH and a failure to launch expert, I get asked all the time if I think that a family member is simply supporting the addict or literally killing them. This is a very tough call and conversation to have because most of the time, it is the latter.

So, how do you know if you are helping, or killing your loved one, if you’re supporting their drug habit or being lied to? Here are a few signs that you might be an enabler, and your loved one might be taking advantage of you in order to keep their drug of choice flowing through their body. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Sign 1 – They keep asking for money, and you keep giving it to them

In this case, we’re talking addiction. Either way, giving someone what they want all the time usually isn’t healthy, unless it’s your occupation. So, let’s stick to the subject and say your son or daughter gets money from you whenever they want. You ask what it’s for, they say it’s for food, gas, or even tell you not to worry about it. For one, it’s definitely your business where your money is going. For two, if they live with you, it’s also your business what and who they are potentially bringing into your home. It’s also your business whether or not they are in danger. Take this scenario into great consideration: Your kid asks you for $50. They tell you they’re using it to get gas and go out to eat. But you know they are lying. You know they get high or drunk off the money you hand them. But you give it to them anyway. 24 hours later, you get that call that every parent fears more than anything. They’re in the hospital in critical condition or have died from an overdose or a drunken car crash. These situations are unpredictable. But there are also many things that could possibly avoid such tragic results from becoming a reality. Stop giving them money, for one. If they say it’s for gas or food, and you insist on helping them, pump the gas. Purchase the food. Even if it keeps them from going out and getting high for 1 night, even 1 hour, it’s possible that the situation might end differently, and give you a chance to talk to your loved one about getting help. If you stop the cash flow, you stop financially supporting the addiction from your end.

As a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach, I tell my families all the time that sometimes you need to say ‘NO’. Parents want their kids to be happy, they want them to do well and be successful. However, giving them everything they want can be costly. Failure to launch clients will always ask for money, never want to work, and ‘always be waiting on the call for an interview’. They just never seem to get it together. Does any of this sound familiar to you yet?

If it does, we are here for you. Please check out FixFailure2Launch and The Addictions Coach or if you want to become certified as a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach or Nationally Certified Recovery Coach.

Call our elite team at 1.800.706.0318