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FREE CLASS (BY 1 GET 1 FREE) Black Friday Special

FREE CLASS (BY 1 GET 1 FREE) Black Friday Special

Our Black Friday Special is upon us! Each year we offer a buy 1 get 1 class !! That is $999 for  you to invest in yourself! The best gift you can give us someone is an investment in themselves. What better way to start the new year then to be trained as a certified recovery coach, and addictions counselor, or an intervention professional that can help other people and also be rewarding and lucrative career. According to the CDC, the Center for disease control, addiction has increased 30% in mental health as increased 40%. What we know is that there are not enough educated qualified individuals to offer addiction treatment services. We also know that addiction professionals are needed now more than ever in these trying times. The Addictions Academy recognizes this and wants to offer you a buy one get one free self study class to help you get your career off the ground. You can feel free to take one class for yourself and gift it to a friend or keep both for yourself and increase your marketability and your ability to help clients with different types of addictions and mental health.

FREE CLASS (BY 1 GET 1 FREE) Black Friday Special
The Addictions Academy has 37 different classes to train you in all facets of addiction. Our certified recovery coach class is our most popular alongside our certified intervention professional class. These two classes allow you to help people get into addiction treatment and also help them when they come out to stay sober. Our family recovery coach certification is popular as well because this is one area where treatment is often overlooked and the family is never really brought into the addiction treatment process. As an addiction professional, you want to be able to offer all facets of addiction recovery to your client. The Addictions Academy even has classes on Internet addiction, food addiction, sex addiction, nutrition, brain health, and even harm reduction and opiate use disorder training. We offer a full marketing program to help you get started marketing and gaining clients immediately. We even have an addiction and mental health directory listing where you can post a listing for free for a year to get clients. Take advantage of our buy one get one special for Black Friday it ends on cyber Monday. Call us at 1-800-706-0318 extension two to get started and get that free class

New Reviews of The Addictions Academy

What our students have to say after taking a class at The Addictions Academy. 
What is it like to take a class at The Addictions Academy?  We offer over 30 classes that you can choose from either virtual online or digital self study. Check us out HERE !  
Want to see what other services come FREE as a student? You get a FREE online directory listing HERE 
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“The information you have given is an asset to assist a lot of the clients that are ambivalent to treatment. The one that really stood out is the obituary and legacy . Many of the clients have children and the impact of this tool can be huge. I will also pass the information to counselors that are new and old to the field. Most of them can use the given tools to identify their own nuances or biases that can interrupt their ability to provide effective treatment. I have noticed, the longer a counselor is in the field the more resistant they are to changes. I feel that you have presented information that can be effective and easily implemented, whether you are new or old in the field. Thank you for taking the time to give us the information.” 
Lesia Wortham
CrossRoads Turningpoint
Pueblo Colorado

The prison reentry class was great. I enjoyed the materials and the class.

Thank you,
Valerie Butler
Lawrency Booone

Program Analyst/Peer Specialist
READY Center
D.C. Department of Corrections

I think the training went great. You provided a lot of good information that we need. I have been trying to get you here for a while and I am glad that it worked out.

Julia Mackey
Director of Admissions
Wooded Glen Recovery Center

Having fun during our training with Dr. Cali Estes at affinity Behavioral Health. What an amazing class and so much fun during our training in AMA/APA blocking for clients. I learned so much about how to de-escalate the client, how to stand, what to say, what NLP is, and how to understand the 5 different personalities of clients. I cannot recommend this training enough.”
Mike Fournier, Director of client care at Affinity Behavioral Health

Why You Should Consider a Career in Addiction Services


Why You Should Consider a Career in Addiction Services

A career in addiction recovery services can be highly rewarding and bring you a great sense of purpose. Careers within the addiction treatment community are in great demand and these professionals can work for rehab and recovery centers, outpatient facilities, or become self-employed.

Two Important Roles: The Interventionist and the Sober Companion


An interventionist is on the front lines of addiction recovery. They organize, plan, and facilitate the initial meeting with someone who is facing addiction and help put in motion the initial steps to seek treatment. They might be the first professional the person with addiction sees in the process of seeking treatment and the interventionist often works together with friends and family members.

A Nationally Certified Intervention Professional (NCIP) has completed a formal training program as an Interventionist and is distinguished as a top professional in the industry. In addition to learning the skills and job duties of an interventionist, the NCIP program at The Addiction Academy includes training on how to decide if a potential client is a good fit for your services, how to get referrals for new clients, setting up the intervention, working with the family to provide additional support, how to handle a relapse, how to become bonded and insured, and more. These skills can give you an edge over the competition and set your business up for success.

The salary of an interventionist depends on many factors, including the individual case, the amount of work completed to prepare for the intervention, and more. Many interventionists charge at least $500 for an intervention, although top certified professionals in the industry may charge as much as $10,000 for a single intervention.

Sober Companion

A sober companion, also known as a sober escort, works with people who are in addiction recovery programs. Depending on the case, they may work with people at various stages of recovery and perform different duties to help the client stay on track and complete daily living tasks. This can include driving the client to medical and treatment appointments, helping them to run errands, and more. They may help the client with certain tasks during normal work hours, provide around-the-clock support, or be on-call. Through these duties, they provide support, guidance, and accountability to people who are struggling to remain sober during recovery.

Those who have received the Nationally Certified Sober Companion and Safe Transport designation have completed the most comprehensive training available in the industry. The Certified Sober Companion Training Program at The Addiction Academy includes Safe Transport Training, providing you with the skills and knowledge to perform multiple functions as a sober companion.

Sober companions’ salaries vary based on the number of hours worked and the scope of work completed for each client. Sober escorts usually charge at least $300 per day, although coaches who are formally trained and certified may charge up to $2,500 per day.


Six Great Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Addiction Services

There are many reasons why working in the addiction treatment industry is a rewarding and beneficial career. Here we will take a look at six great reasons to consider becoming certified as an Interventionist or Sober Companion.

  1. You Will Be Helping Save the Lives of Others

Addiction can jeopardize everything in life, including jobs, money, relationships with friends and family, physical, emotional, and mental health, and more. Many people who choose a career in addiction services have seen this first-hand, because they know someone who has faced addiction, or they have overcome addiction themselves. When you choose a career in addiction recovery services, you will be working to help improve and, in some cases, save the life of others.

  1. You Can Use Your Personal Experiences to Help Others

Working as part of the addiction recovery community is not for everyone. This highly rewarding industry can also be challenging. You will be working with people who are facing addiction, family and social problems, financial hardships, physical and mental health issues, and more. To be highly successful in addiction services, you need to bring together both personal experiences and the right training.

When you complete the NCIP or Sober Companion training programs offered by The Addiction Academy, you will receive the training and formal education needed to become a successful addiction services professional. Combining this training with your own personal experiences and knowledge will allow you to provide services that are empathetic, supportive, and create successful results.

  1. You Will Be a Part of Positive Outcomes

There are many jobs where people never get to experience the outcome of their work. Imagine someone is having a medical emergency in a public place. Someone calls for 911, a firefighter is the first responder and performs CPR, an EMT rushes them to the hospital, the receptionist at the emergency room gathers all known information, and the triage nurse organizes their transfer to the intensive care unit. Most of the time, none of the people in this scenario will find out what happened to the person who needed care. These people were part of the outcome, but they usually do not get to experience the satisfaction of seeing the person recover.

When you work as an Interventionist or Sober Companion, you will get to be a part of positive outcomes as they happen. You will work closely with someone who is overcoming addiction and watch in real time as they make progress towards their goals.

  1. Becoming Certified Gives You an Edge

There is no national certification requirement for an Addiction Interventionist or a Sober Coach. However, some employers require these professionals to have completed a certification course to be eligible for employment with their facility. Completing a formal training program can give you an edge, making you a qualified and prepared applicant and opening the door to work for a variety of employers. The Addiction Academy also hires many professionals from within after they complete their certification and become fully licensed and bonded.

  1. The Industry is in High Demand

According to recent statistics, there are around 20 million Americans facing drug addictions. Almost half of these people are also facing a mental health disorder which can complicate their treatment. In 2017, more than 1.6 million people successfully completed their treatment plan at an addiction facility. The average length of the treatment plan varied from five days for detox programs to 90 days for outpatient opioid treatment, although the length of the treatment plan can vary widely based on what services are needed. Right now, there are around 16,000 addiction recovery and treatment centers across the United States.

So, what does all this mean for you? It means that there are millions of people who need help overcoming addiction and many of them are seeking treatment at thousands of facilities across the country, making addiction recovery and treatment an industry in high demand.

  1. There Are No Prerequisites 

When you choose to complete your studies with The Addiction Academy, there are no prerequisites to enter the program. This allows you to start your career studies right away, without spending additional time and money before you join.

The Time to Get Started is Now

If you are looking for a career that is rewarding, allows you to use your personal experiences and knowledge, and is in great demand, addiction recovery services may be the right choice for you. When you work within the addiction treatment community, you will be working to save the life of others and be a part of positive outcomes. While the industry lacks a clear nationally recognized training requirement, a certification from The Addiction Academy will give you an edge over the competition, designating you as a highly trained and qualified applicant, opening the doors for you to find a career with a variety of employers. If you choose self-employment, a certification distinguishes you from other addiction recovery workers who lack a formal certification, bringing you to the forefront of the industry.

Reach out to our elite team TODAY!  Call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 or visit us at www.theaddictionsacademy.com and complete the information form.


Student Spotlight: Kelly Hatcher Discusses Enabling vs. Loving


Enabling vs. Loving

Do You Know The Difference?


I think I should have gotten an award for being the “Queen Enabler.”

Seriously, this started when my boys were just toddlers.

I never wanted them to stress or have to deal with anything unpleasant. I “fixed” everything. You don’t like a teacher? Here’s a new teacher. You don’t like your school? Here’s a new school. You didn’t do all your chores, or you didn’t do them correctly, I’ll fix it.
The list went on and on. I really did love the way it felt. I showed them how much I loved them in my head. I bragged that my boys never had cold cereal, I was PTA president, coached or was team mom for all sports…are you ready to throw up yet?

My enabling went on for years. When my oldest started smoking weed in middle school, I once again thought I could “fix” it. Shoot, I had a Masters degree in school counseling. I didn’t “fix” it at all, but I thought if I kept showing him my love and how hurt I was, he’d stop. Weed
turned to pills, which turned to theft, getting kicked out of various schools, and then rehab while still in high school.
When he returned home, things were going to be different; we had a contract from the rehab, which meant it would work.

Wrong! It only got worse. The agreement meant nothing to him.

Looking back at my 17 year old son, the contract meant nothing to me, which in turn meant nothing to anyone. I didn’t keep my end of the contract. “One more chance Jake,” “I mean it this time,” “Do you want to go live with your dad?” “Okay you can come home at 11:00”…Ugh! What was I doing? I believed I could love him so much that he’d stop. What was I thinking? Addiction is a disease! People can’t love cancer or diabetes away either.

I have been on this addiction journey for ten years, 13 detox/rehabs, and what I have learned is that I don’t have control over my son’s disease. I do have control over how I handle it, though.

Becoming a Family Recovery Coach has helped me grow into a confident, loving, non-enabling mother of two young men.
Today is a new day and a fresh start on creating those boundaries to help your loved one’s substance use.


Kelly Hatcher is a single mother who has been dealing with her oldest son’s substance abuse for the past ten years. After 14 rehabs and all the pain and challenges of this family disease, Kelly became a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach and Interventionist. She has spent the last 28 years working in education and counseling. As a motivational speaker, Kelly helps families understand the challenges and signs of addiction and drug use.  Learn more about Kelly and her services at New Day Family Recovery

Why Choose The Addictions Academy?

Why Choose The Addictions Academy?


The Addictions Academy

What makes The Addictions Academy training different from other training schools and accreditation bodies? Dr. Cali Estes has spearheaded this program since 2013 and has made sure to offer the top classes with the top instructors worldwide. Dr. Cali is an exclusive provider of the OUD education for the state of Nebraska, addiction counseling education provider for the state of Florida, and an addiction counseling and education provider core course for the entire country of Canada. The Addictions Academy holds full accreditation from all providers and bodies, including CACCF (Canadian Board), Florida Certification Board, State of Nebraska, ICF (International Coach Federation), IC&RC (International Addiction Education), ACTPO (Accreditation for coaching schools Internationally), ACT (Christian education accreditation) and more. See Accreditation HERE

In the United States alone there is no governing body, federal or state for intervention training or professional recovery coaching certification. Dr. Cali and several colleagues have been pushing for years to get some standardization of training that is governmentally required. At this time there, is no governmental body that requires a credential for intervention or professional recovery coach training. While the Pennsylvania Certification Board may offer a credential in Intervention, they are a private nonprofit with no state or federal affiliation. They are nothing more than a group to join. Our NCIP, Nationally Certified Intervention Professional accreditation, actually came out a year prior to them releasing the CIP and we have been offering the NCIP since then. We have trained over 15,000 interventionalists, professional, and addictions counselor’s to date. We pride ourselves on the ethics and work environment we create for our students and our staff.

Simply put, The Addictions Academy offers the best International Intervention Professional Certification at 35 hours or 54 hours for the money. We include 10 weeks of supervision in most of our classes, FREE directory listing, access to a job board, two networking groups, and two affiliate ways to make extra income. We also have the only addiction neurotransmitter product on the market, Pro RecoveryRx and you can find that HERE

Some of the other companies have tried to imitate us, a few even took our classes, and then turned around to teach that class. We have also trained 350 top addiction treatment centers and mental health institutions in the United States, Canada, the UK, Costa Rica, India, Venezuela, and more. We are pleased to be exclusive providers to certain countries and certain treatment centers with ongoing addiction training for their staff. If you are looking for the Top addiction training education school and you want the best resources please contact The Addictions Academy.

Here are some extra things we all know that our competitors have never provided. We offer 10 weeks of coaching or Intervention Mentorship with a seasoned and master coach or interventionist, a free 30 day listing in our directory to pick up private clients. We also offer a job board for job placement, two affiliate links for you to make extra money. One of those includes the Pro RecoveryRx signature product line program that helps restore the neurotransmitter imbalances in the brain from using drugs and alcohol that our clients have been experiencing. We pleased to provide work and hiring opportunities for the top 1% of our students upon graduation. You can see our reviews here. You can find our classes here. If you want to see more on our founder who has been on CNN, CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, NBC, KTLA, People magazine, Dr. Drew show, and more. You can find more about Dr. Cali Estes here. We look forward to having you as a student and potentially hiring you to offer addiction recovery coach services, sober companion services, and intervention services to our clientele population. Call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 to get started today.