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Dr. Cali Estes shares her story with CANVASREBEL



Our founder, Dr. Cali Estes shares her story with CANVASREBEL, enjoy the excerpt below.


CanvasRebel Magazine




I started my private practice with $300 in my bank account and a renting a condo at the Wind. I had 3 weeks before rent was due and knew that I had to hustle. I made a bunch of cheap business cards at Vista print and put them out at LA Fitness. The biggest challenge would be how quickly I could get a client or two and cover rent and expenses. Within two days I had my first client, my first paid in full 10 session coaching package and it covered my entire rent and gave me enough money for food for the month. The biggest thing I can tell someone first starting out is that you really need to focus on that initial marketing and start to build your reputation. As I was able to get more and more clients I was able to create a professional website, and then I was able to hire a public relations firm to push me for TV appearances and print media. Sometimes you’ll make a business plan and not stick to it because things change and new ideas come up that you want to offer in your service platform. I have been lucky and able to pivot and add new services as I go. After a year doing coaching and therapy for clients, I created The Addictions Academy which is now the largest online school for addiction studies in the globe. A few years later, I added Sober on Demand, a concierge firm that goes to the client and works on addiction and mental health issues from the comfort of their own home. I am always expanding and adding services and ideas to what we can offer clients.

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Five Reasons Why It’s Important to Add Credentials to Your Name While Opening a Private Practice



Five Reasons Why It’s Important to Add Credentials to Your Name While Opening a Private Practice


credentialsIf you’re in the process of starting a private practice, one of your top priorities is figuring out how to position yourself in front of potential patients. One way to do this is by adding credentials to your qualifications.

Credentials are important no matter what profession you are in, and the world of private practice is no exception. In a world where competition is tough, it can be hard to stand out from the rest. However, credentials can help make your qualifications more impressive. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting added credentials for your private practice.

Increase your status and credibility.

Credentials can help demonstrate that you are capable of being a professional in your field. It may also be the deciding factor for patients, particularly if they are looking for someone to fill an addiction or mental health practice.

If you do not have certification or other credentials, potential clients may look elsewhere. It will help them trust you more since they know that you have the experience and qualifications to help them.

For example, a mental health private practice could help potential patients suffering from addiction issues. If your credentials show that you have extensive training in addiction, it may be what they need to trust you with their mental health needs as well.

Increase your visibility and reach more patients.

If people can see that you are certified or trained in addiction, a field that is so hard to get into, it can help you stand out from the rest.

A credential may also lead people to contact you directly if they know that you are an addiction specialist. They could be looking for treatment themselves or even just advice on addiction and mental health issues.

Learning about addiction is a growing field with many specialists popping up all over the place, but many are untrained. If you have addiction training or are an addiction specialist, it can help set you apart from other addiction specialists.

Ability to offer a wider range of services and treatments.

If you have addiction or mental health credentials, it can also help you offer more services to your patients. It may be useful with addiction rehabilitation for addiction treatment specialists and therapists; addiction counselors can learn about addiction and how best to treat addiction if they are not already trained in addiction.

Finding the right credential for addiction or mental health specialists will depend on your specialty. There are addiction certifications for addiction counselors, addiction treatment specialists, and addiction specialists. Mental health is a broad category, but you can get certification as a mental health specialist or therapist or addiction counselor if that is what you specialize in.

You should look into the different credentials available to see which will fit best with your addiction or mental health private practice. The Addictions Academy has classes from addictions counselor to recovery coach, certified interventionist, mental health and more.  With over 30 classes to choose from, they have you covered.

Your private practice will seem more reputable.

If you are an addiction specialist or addiction counselor with a credential. It shows that you are serious about the addiction issues affecting people in your area, and it can get them to trust you right away.

Your addiction private practice may be a great way to help people who are going through addiction problems, but it helps if you also have addiction credentials. It can help patients trust you and confidence that the addiction issues in your city will remain in good hands. A lot of therapists are not trained in addiction studies and have trouble working with clients that have addictions. Getting cross trained is key to building a bigger private practice or climbing the corporate ladder.

You may get better clients as well as referrals. 

An addiction treatment certification will let potential patients know that you are in it for the long term. If they trust you with your addiction credentials, they will be more likely to go with you for addiction rehabilitation.

Also, a credential may work as an endorsement for addiction counselors or addiction specialists who refer their patients to you. It can tell a patient that addiction treatment specialists and addiction counselors fully support your addiction private practice and the addiction treatments you provide. It can help patients feel better about trusting you enough to get addiction rehabilitation with you.

Get your credentials today!

Credentials can help you make a more effective addiction private practice. It can increase your addiction treatment business and attract better patients, helping addiction specialists and addiction counselors get the resources they need to continue offering addiction rehabilitation in their area.

Make sure you know what addiction certifications or training are available. Then, decide which is best for your addiction private practice to start offering addiction treatments in your addiction practice.

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