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Addictions Counselor

An Addictions Counselor is the key to helping an individual get and stay sober. Most mental health therapists lack the correct training that an addictions counselor has. So this specialized training can be an add-on to what you know already or as a career on its own. Here are 5 ways that The Addictions Academy can help you get your career going and start making money as an addictions counselor and helping others today!



  1. Online, self-paced classes. At The Addictions Academy, we offer online, self-paced classes that you can take your time with and prepare for the exams at your leisure.   We offer all 350 hours of training, all 9 domains of training, and even mock exams to help you pass your state or private boards. You can sell the training for yourself HERE.
  2. Accreditation. The Addictions Academy is the pioneer in training and accreditation. We are ICRC approved for all the 47 states that ICRC governs and of course, the 6 states that are state-run we qualify for the exams. We are even accredited in Canada. See HERE for more on accreditation.
  3. We help you navigate how to apply, collect your 350 hours, get your field hours and sit for all of your exams. Unlike our local competitors that take your money and don’t answer the phone, we are here for you and assist you through the entire process.
  4. We charge less. We are HALF OFF the same training that Academy for Professionals and Addiction Training Institute charges. it is the SAME training and we charge 1999 where they ask 4000. Why pay so much when you don’t have to?
  5. Addiction Professionals have used our company for 10 years. We have a solid ethical addiction recovery stance and have helped countless addictions counselors get jobs and careers in addiction treatment. Let Dr. Cali Estes and her team get you trained today!

New Reviews of The Addictions Academy

What our students have to say after taking a class at The Addictions Academy. 
What is it like to take a class at The Addictions Academy?  We offer over 30 classes that you can choose from either virtual online or digital self study. Check us out HERE !  
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“The information you have given is an asset to assist a lot of the clients that are ambivalent to treatment. The one that really stood out is the obituary and legacy . Many of the clients have children and the impact of this tool can be huge. I will also pass the information to counselors that are new and old to the field. Most of them can use the given tools to identify their own nuances or biases that can interrupt their ability to provide effective treatment. I have noticed, the longer a counselor is in the field the more resistant they are to changes. I feel that you have presented information that can be effective and easily implemented, whether you are new or old in the field. Thank you for taking the time to give us the information.” 
Lesia Wortham
CrossRoads Turningpoint
Pueblo Colorado

The prison reentry class was great. I enjoyed the materials and the class.

Thank you,
Valerie Butler
Lawrency Booone

Program Analyst/Peer Specialist
READY Center
D.C. Department of Corrections

I think the training went great. You provided a lot of good information that we need. I have been trying to get you here for a while and I am glad that it worked out.

Julia Mackey
Director of Admissions
Wooded Glen Recovery Center

Having fun during our training with Dr. Cali Estes at affinity Behavioral Health. What an amazing class and so much fun during our training in AMA/APA blocking for clients. I learned so much about how to de-escalate the client, how to stand, what to say, what NLP is, and how to understand the 5 different personalities of clients. I cannot recommend this training enough.”
Mike Fournier, Director of client care at Affinity Behavioral Health

Reviews of The Addictions Academy and Reviews of Dr. Cali Estes

Reviews of The Addictions Academy and Dr. Cali Estes teaching classes for addiction studies, including recovery coaching, intervention, counselor, and more. Thank you to the University of Texas Health (UT Health ) for inviting me as guest faculty for our case management training class. It was a pleasure to be a guest as faculty for the psychiatry and psychology departments. I appreciate The Addictions Academy reviews from Aaron and the class below. It was great as a faculty member to step in and have a great, fun class.

“I love teaching when I have a fun class that wants to learn and can be very interactive. My passion is teaching clinicians and therapists new ways of thinking and how to optimize their time and strengths in their profession,” Dr. Cali Estes said. “I have taught large groups and small groups of therapists and others around the globe and teaching for University of Texas health was a lot of fun”.

UT Health

The Addictions Academy Reviews:

“Your case management training had a lot of great information and the class seemed to like it as well. We will have you back for future classes.”

Thank you,

Aaron Anaya – Project Coordinator, Sr.

Project Coordinator, Sr.

UT Health San Antonio – Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

University Plaza

7526 Louis Pasteur, Suite 112

San Antonio, Texas 78229


Email: anayaa1@uthscsa.edu

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

“I thought the Family Recovery Coach class would be a breeze as I had experience working with so many populations dealing with substance abuse issues. I had interacted with people in active addiction, people in recovery, parents of children in active addiction and, sadly, children of parents who were addicted. I thought I had all of their perspectives and just needed the “stamp” of certification when I began the class with Katie. What I found out was that I could be a part of the problem and could make matters worse for families. I was an enabler because I had spent a lifetime being a fixer!
I grew up in a family with substance abuse and domestic violence issues and was the oldest of seven kids. Most of my waking moments were spent on hyper alert guard about anything that would trigger parental rage or substance use. My immediate response was always to fix the situation which often consisted of me helping siblings hide behaviors or getting them out of trouble. I then spent a lifetime trying to “fix” situations which gained me a great reputation in all of my career endeavors. I thought I knew it all and coaching others would be a breeze.

Imagine then, my shock and temporary humiliation at the silence from Katie and other classmates at the end of my role-playing with parents who were trying to cope with their child’s addiction issues. Time after time, I realized I was not taking the role of helping parents move forward with their own lives but trying to make it better by helping them try to fix their own kids. Katie had to continually (but gently) remind me that the parent was the client that I was trying to “fix” the addict. It was an enormous paradigm shift for me to learn that the purpose might be to simply help the parents cope with the situation as it was and to not try to offer them ways to fix their child or offer them false hope. I realized the harm I could do by teaching the parents how to fix their child or the situation instead of being supportive and aware of their needs.
So I realized that the role of a Family Recovery Coach is to not teach them to be an enabler as I had been for so much of my life. I am sure I will need constant self-reminders as I transition from being a fixer to being a supportive coach. I am looking forward to the challenge.”

Dee Ryan, Family Coach

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

The intervention training was informative and practical. Interventions can be a very intimidating service, even the most experienced clinician may find themselves at a loss for words, Dr. Estes gave my team the confidence and skills they will need in real-life intervention scenarios. Dr. Estes was easy to work with and the training itself was actually a lot of fun. Thank you so much!

Rob Archuleta MS, CACIII Director of ICM and Offender Services.
Crossroads Turning Points, INC

“I have to tell your training and supervision supersedes our other experience from another modality by leaps and bounds.”

Kelly Chambliss, Whole Families Intervention

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

“Dr. Cali is amazing.  The webinar I took with The Addictions Academy was fantastic.  It was very informative and made learning the course materials fun.  I would suggest anyone working in the field of substance abuse to take a class with Dr. Cali. ”

Louis Hrabar Jr. Director of Marketing
Harmony Hills


Professionals Review of The Addictions Academy


Reviews of The Addictions Academy The Addictions Academy Reviews.

What is it like to take a class with The Addictions Academy Faculty?

Dr. Cali Estes
Thank you so much for the class. It was informative and a lot of fun. It was an honor learning from someone as successful as yourself, and I will definitely be signing up for more courses as I can afford them! I wish you all the best and much baklava!

Hello Dr. Estes,
Not sure if you remember me, but I took your interventionist class a while back and have been using my certification successfully for a couple of months now!
I have my BS in counseling with an emphasis on addictions and substance abuse and am looking at starting my graduate work to obtain an MSW and eventually my LCSW, but in the meantime, I am looking at more certs from your group.
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, and thanks again for the NCIP class, it’s been great!
Brian C Morel, Bachelor of Science – Intern
PTSD Group Facilitator, Military Transition Specialist, Substance Abuse Consultant, Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

Hi Cali,
Thank you for the valuable training today. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while with you.


Dr. Cali Estes is an incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful woman that can get any job done. Her straightforward approach gets directly to the problem at hand and addresses it head-on quickly and effectively. Cali’s knowledge and modalities in the field of addiction are endless. She has a multi-facet all-encompassing approach to her coaching style that can cater to anyone or any type of addiction. She also has an incredible school for teaching others what she knows. I have attended many of her Addictions academy courses and I was blown away by the amount of information she had available on each subject. She carefully went over every aspect of the given certification and gave us every tool possible to become successful in that field. Her classes have been the best course certification classes I’ve ever taken thus far. It was the best decision I ever made in my career to give me the tools and resources I needed to be successful. Not only did she teach me, but afterward she hired me to take on clients in my local area, mentoring me every step of the way. I couldn’t have learned from a better mentor and modeled a more knowledgeable addictions specialist. I am so thankful for everything I’ve learned from Dr. Cali Estes. I couldn’t recommend anyone as a person, coach, teacher, or mentor more highly than I do Dr. Cali. She has changed my life for the best and I’ll always be grateful for everything that she has done for me.

Kevin Parker,
True Warrior Success. Addiction Specialist


Cali Estes, her mentoring style, and professional training are major components to the success of my thriving coaching practice. I have been working with Cali since 2015 and I honestly refer her programs at The Addictions Academy to anyone that asks me how they can get started in the business. In fact, I send coaches to train with Cali and her team before they can be considered as potential coach within my practice. If you would like a personal review or more information about what to expect feel free to contact me directly at (805)710-2513.

Tricia Parido, Turning Leaves
Master Coach, Program Director

Cali Estes is a dynamic, informed, and energetic instructor who knows her stuff. Rarely am I engaged by a speaker or instructor, but Cali had me sitting on the edge of my seat for two full days of recovery coach training. I also took 26 pages of notes! The class was interactive, included homework, and created a community of individuals previously not connected. Thank you Cali for setting the bar for industry-specific training!

:) Jean Krisle, Founder 10,000 Beds, Inc.

“Dr. Cali Estes was a joy to have at our center in PA for AMA/APA block training and it was fabulous. We received a lot of amazing feedback from our staff and loved the breakout sessions”

Sinead Clinical Director of Just Believe Recovery

Hi Cali, this is Amy I was just in your admissions conference training. You are awesome and I know that future practice, with your guidance, is going to be amazingly valuable!!.

Doctor Cali Estes, Thank you