Using a Sober Companion for Accountability



Have you been told that accountability is the key to your recovery, all the while watching hypocrisy rear its ugly head? Well, accountability is an extremely important step in recovery, but hypocrisy always runs rampant in the addictions industry and recovery community to a point where it can cripple a recovering drug addict’s growth in recovery.

So let’s begin with accountability and discuss why this is such an important step in recovery and then we will use an example of an extremely important person in the sports industry that preached accountability for four decades during his career but when it was time for him to take accountability he ran the other way. Accountability is basically owning the negative actions and consequences that go hand-in-hand with an active addiction. Taking accountability is looking inward for solutions to improving your lifestyle instead of looking outward to blame others for your misfortunes. When we are trying to get clean and sober and stay clean and sober we waste so much time blaming others instead of looking inward at the real person to blame and beginning a long tedious process towards sobriety and recovery.

The sooner we acknowledge that we are to blame for our path of destruction during our drug use, the sooner we can begin to dig ourselves out properly. We really have to watch out for hypocrisy when we are looking upward to those who have succeeded in getting clean and sober and staying clean and sober because if we are not careful, hypocrisy can lead us right back into an active addiction.

I want to use an example of a Major League Baseball coach who refused to take accountability for his actions. Coach Tony La Russa, who’s major league baseball career spanned over multiple decades, always preached accountability and was a bit of a hard nosed authoritarian when it came to following the rules and discipline. This is why the baseball community was completely shocked by the video that surfaced last week of a drunken Tony La Russa slurring while telling a local police officer that he should “know who he was” and that he was “one of those Hall of Famer guys”.

First of all, the officer did not appear to know who Tony La Russa was and was more concerned with how intoxicated this man was behind the steering wheel of an automobile. But more importantly, Tony La Russa, who was a strict authoritarian, was trying to convince the police officer to let him go and convince him that he did nothing wrong and to take his Hall of Fame status as reason to do so. Coach Tony La Russa was not in recovery and has never been in trouble with the law, however, his incident is a true example of not taking accountability for an issue that you caused that could have had a tragic ending for La Russa or an innocent driver on the roads that evening.

Had he had a sober coach, or a recovery coach or even a sober companion he would be working on accountability and staying sober. The drug and alcohol treatment industry would have held him accountable and taught him accountability.

Accountability is one of the most important pieces to getting clean and sober and staying clean and sober and we discuss accountability here at The Addictions Coach and the Addictions Academy. So whether you are a struggling drug addict or you are on the flipside and are wanting to help struggling drug addicts in recovery you can contact us here or and we can assist you at 800 706 0318 ext 2

4 Attributes to Possess in Order to Create an Incredible Recovery Coaching Practice

4 Attributes to Possess in Order to Create an Incredible Recovery Coaching Practice


Recovery Coach Training


So you’ve made it. You’re a Recovery Coach, and you have quite the roster of clients rolling. But what makes you stand out from the rest? The other addictions coaches / counselors? There are two things you need to be great at in order to stand out: coaching, and business. Many coaches fall short with the former or latter. Here are 4 ways to get and give the most from your Recovery Coaching Practice.




1. Internet / Social Media Presence:
When potential clients see that you are official, they are more likely to reach out. Social Media is one of the largest and most accessible forms of communication and promotion for businesses these days. Not only social media, but a website of your own that showcases your talents, your work, your professionalism and experience.

2. Credentials:
With today’s vast amount of Recovery Coaches and access to alternatives to traditional treatments, those seeking recovery from any addiction have more choices than ever before. With the available National Certifications from The Addictions Academy, as well as State Certifications and alternative disciplines and educational pathways such as Intervention, Anger Management and Family Recovery Coaching, you are more marketable.

3. Networking:
Surround yourself with individuals of great merit, and spread the word about your skill. Let them know you are taking referrals. Contact those who work with similar clientele: Mental health therapists, doctors, treatment centers, legal support specialists, detoxes, and others, including other coaches alike. A good contact refers back and forth, and you will build gradual credibility. Build a referral base and keep your lines of communication with them open.

4. A Coach of Your Own:
A Recovery Coach comes to know what is best for their client, so they must know what’s best for themselves. A coach of their own. It is vitally important that you have someone on your side to bounce ideas for marketing, business and clinical supervision to handle the challenges that arise with some clients. Teamwork at its best, and more proof that everyone can utilize a coach in virtually every aspect of life.

At The Addictions Academy we can assist you with all that is mentioned above. We are the only National Provider of Addictions Coaching classes, including the International Master Addiction Coach Certification that encompasses ten (10) different types of addictions: drug and alcohol, gambling and gaming, food addictions, and more! This includes 25 hours of supervision and full marketing program. We can mentor you, assist you with marketing, website development and becoming the best Addiction Coach you can be. or call us at 1.800.706.0318 ext. 2

Reviews of The Addictions Academy and Reviews of Dr. Cali Estes

Reviews of The Addictions Academy and Dr. Cali Estes teaching classes for addiction studies, including recovery coaching, intervention, counselor, and more. Thank you to the University of Texas Health (UT Health ) for inviting me as guest faculty for our case management training class. It was a pleasure to be a guest as faculty for the psychiatry and psychology departments. I appreciate The Addictions Academy reviews from Aaron and the class below. It was great as a faculty member to step in and have a great, fun class.

“I love teaching when I have a fun class that wants to learn and can be very interactive. My passion is teaching clinicians and therapists new ways of thinking and how to optimize their time and strengths in their profession,” Dr. Cali Estes said. “I have taught large groups and small groups of therapists and others around the globe and teaching for University of Texas health was a lot of fun”.

UT Health

The Addictions Academy Reviews:

“Your case management training had a lot of great information and the class seemed to like it as well. We will have you back for future classes.”

Thank you,

Aaron Anaya – Project Coordinator, Sr.

Project Coordinator, Sr.

UT Health San Antonio – Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

University Plaza

7526 Louis Pasteur, Suite 112

San Antonio, Texas 78229



The Addictions Academy Reviews

The Addictions Academy Reviews and  Dr.  Cali Estes Reviews of Opiate Use Disorder Training for the state of Nebraska


Cali, Your presentation style was captivating as well as content-rich. The five hours seemed very daunting at 8:45 a.m. when it finally registered on me that the training was that long. Five hours went by so quickly, I could have listened to a couple of hours more.  I really enjoyed it. I will ask Lindsey to invite me to any other presentations or training sessions, you host.

BettyJeanBettyJean Usher-Tate, Ph.D.,

CLSSYBStatistical Analyst III, Division of Behavioral Health

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

OFFICE: 402-471-7797   EMAIL:

UT Health

The Addictions Academy reviews are below from the State of Nebraska Training

My name is Terrill Jacobsen and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your presentation today and how insightful I found it. I am a Family Peer Support Specialist for Families CARE In Kearney But have no self-experience with addictions of my own.  I identify very strongly with your story and am a spouse to a recovering long term Addict, I applaud you for sharing your story with all of us. I have often struggled to understand the whys and what for of my Husband addictions and it had led me to a place of self-doubt and struggle. The “sugar with holding” example is the best I have ever heard and goes a long way to describing what they go through in daily life. I am very interested in your Book and would love to have a copy, please let me know how I can obtain one? I think sharing this with the families I peer support would be such a great tool. So many are truly crushed when they find out about a loved one’s addiction and they feel so alone. Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom and amazing knowledge!


Terrill Jacobsen, CPSS

Family Peer Support Specialist

Families Care

4111 4th Ave. Ste. 2

Kearney, Ne. 68845

Hi Cali,

That was an excellent OUD training today.  Thanks so much for all of the information you shared and for the work you do to help educate, treat, prevent and support recovery.  I would be interested in the book you referenced as well as more information on the supplement kits you offer, if possible.

Before I began my position with the state, I started the only Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL’s) support group here in Nebraska almost 3 years ago.  I would love to be able to share more information about the different support and education you offer for consumers and their loved ones as appropriate and also with the group of folks I work with directly.

Have a great week Cali.

Brenda Moes | DHHS Behavioral Health Consumer Affairs Program Administrator


Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

OFFICE: 402-471-7721

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Addiction Enabled: 3 Signs you are Coddling Your Loved One To Death Part 3

Addiction Enabled:

3 Signs you are Coddling Your Loved One To Death

Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 in our 3 part series on how to know if you are enabling or loving your addict to death.

Sign 3 – You both wear a mask of denial:


Denial is the enemy of the truth. You KNOW that what I’ve talked about is a spittin’ image of your current situation, but you don’t like to admit it. You’d rather feel better and hope that your loved one will eventually just straighten out. Well, when they are in denial about their problem, as with most addicts and alcoholics in the thick of it are, and you are as well, this brings nothing but a negative outcome on both ends.

Imagine: Your daughter asks you for “food money” and you give her $100 and tell her to be careful, the rest of the money is for emergencies only. This in itself can be an emergency situation. She leaves, you worry yourself to death, wondering if she will live for another night, because you know what she’s doing, and you just supported the hell out of it. You are officially enabling her to death. Every time she goes out, it’s with your money. IF she comes back, it’s to your home. She has no worries except how easily she can get her next fix, paid for by you. You love her and want the best for her.

She is addicted to drugs and you are addicted to her.

My point is with all this: Not only to watch your own back but look out for your loved ones too. Don’t feed their addiction, don’t coddle them, don’t accept lies and excuses. Don’t feed their toxicity with more toxicity. Give them a very short time to get their shit together and get help, or make them leave your house. The results of tough love can be far less painful than the eulogy you may be writing if you don’t stop giving into someone else’s addiction.

If you want help and peace of mind, please call us at 800 706 0318 ext 1 and let us help you deal with the issues. You are not alone. Visit The Addictions Coach to see our full array of services to help you help them. Visit The Addictions Academy if  you are interested in being trained as a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach or Nationally Certified Recovery Coach.

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

“I thought the Family Recovery Coach class would be a breeze as I had experience working with so many populations dealing with substance abuse issues. I had interacted with people in active addiction, people in recovery, parents of children in active addiction and, sadly, children of parents who were addicted. I thought I had all of their perspectives and just needed the “stamp” of certification when I began the class with Katie. What I found out was that I could be a part of the problem and could make matters worse for families. I was an enabler because I had spent a lifetime being a fixer!
I grew up in a family with substance abuse and domestic violence issues and was the oldest of seven kids. Most of my waking moments were spent on hyper alert guard about anything that would trigger parental rage or substance use. My immediate response was always to fix the situation which often consisted of me helping siblings hide behaviors or getting them out of trouble. I then spent a lifetime trying to “fix” situations which gained me a great reputation in all of my career endeavors. I thought I knew it all and coaching others would be a breeze.

Imagine then, my shock and temporary humiliation at the silence from Katie and other classmates at the end of my role-playing with parents who were trying to cope with their child’s addiction issues. Time after time, I realized I was not taking the role of helping parents move forward with their own lives but trying to make it better by helping them try to fix their own kids. Katie had to continually (but gently) remind me that the parent was the client that I was trying to “fix” the addict. It was an enormous paradigm shift for me to learn that the purpose might be to simply help the parents cope with the situation as it was and to not try to offer them ways to fix their child or offer them false hope. I realized the harm I could do by teaching the parents how to fix their child or the situation instead of being supportive and aware of their needs.
So I realized that the role of a Family Recovery Coach is to not teach them to be an enabler as I had been for so much of my life. I am sure I will need constant self-reminders as I transition from being a fixer to being a supportive coach. I am looking forward to the challenge.”

Dee Ryan, Family Coach

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

The intervention training was informative and practical. Interventions can be a very intimidating service, even the most experienced clinician may find themselves at a loss for words, Dr. Estes gave my team the confidence and skills they will need in real-life intervention scenarios. Dr. Estes was easy to work with and the training itself was actually a lot of fun. Thank you so much!

Rob Archuleta MS, CACIII Director of ICM and Offender Services.
Crossroads Turning Points, INC

“I have to tell your training and supervision supersedes our other experience from another modality by leaps and bounds.”

Kelly Chambliss, Whole Families Intervention

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

“Dr. Cali is amazing.  The webinar I took with The Addictions Academy was fantastic.  It was very informative and made learning the course materials fun.  I would suggest anyone working in the field of substance abuse to take a class with Dr. Cali. ”

Louis Hrabar Jr. Director of Marketing
Harmony Hills


Certified Recovery Coaches and the No Judgement Zone

Certified Recovery Coaches and the No Judgment Zone

Having worked with 1000’s of clients, it has become blatantly obvious that there is more than one method to get clean and sober.  At The Addictions Academy, we support ALL pathways to recovery. When we train our coaches, we require that they are able to offer multiple pathways to help their clients.  This means ‘by any means necessary’ and a good coach will want to learn that. A GREAT recovery coach will offer that to all their clients. Like Planet Fitness, we are the ‘No Judgment Zone’. This means that as a GREAT Recovery Coach we are able to offer different progressive services to help our clients. New (and some not so new) pathways include Ketamine, Ibogaine, Medial Marijuana, controlled drinking, Medically Assisted Therapies like suboxone, methadone, or clean needles.

For a certified recovery coach to only offer their clients one method or pathway — such as only complete abstinence, this can be a dangerous thing. If this method does not resonate with the client, he or she will turn away from the help and possibly die. As a progressive society with so many scientific models and methods to recovery, this is no longer acceptable. In fact, if a coach only employs this method, he or she is downright dangerous in the industry. While it works for some, it is not the only or the ‘best’ method. Each recovery pathway is individual in nature and needs to be respected as such.

Now, if you are a sponsor and doing service work, and this is your pathway to sobriety, by all means, keep doing great work.  If it is working for you, keep doing it! Just note that not all clients will follow this path and that is 100% TOTALLY OK. Why? because this is THEIR journey, not yours, and we need to honor that and assist them along their path. 

As an addictions specialist (named the Female Dr. Drew on the red Carpet in 2017), I am keenly aware of how my clients recover. Some can drink responsibly. Yes, that is right. I have clients that used cocaine or heroin and did not overindulge in alcohol that can have a glass of wine with dinner and not ‘go off the rails’. Now if alcohol was your drug of choice, that probably won’t work for you and you need to quit totally. But hey, some people simply can manage it because it was never really their main drug of choice.

I even have clients that quit alcohol or heroin using medical marijuana. AND this is 100% totally OK. You know why? Because it is NOT my place to judge them or demand they follow any one specific method or path to recovery. Why do you think abstinence-only Minnesota Model addiction treatment centers that only offer this pathway have a high failure rate?  Because this is not everyone’s path.

We know it and honor it at The Addictions Academy.

Please join us on our path to help everyone recovery, no matter their chosen pathway to recovery. We are here for them in their time of need.

Thank you for the work that you do,

Dr. Cali Estes,

Call TODAY if you would like to join us to help others. Or use coupon code AC-250-off  to take $250 off any class as a thank you for joining us. We are at 1.800.706.0318 ext. 2





Reviews of The Addictions Academy



Reviews of The Addictions Academy The Addictions Academy Reviews.

What is like to take a class with The Addictions Academy Faculty?

Dr. Cali Estes
Thank you so much for the class. It was informative and a lot of fun. It was an honor learning from someone as successful as yourself, and I will definitely be signing up for more courses as I can afford them! I wish you all the best and much baklava!

Hello Dr. Estes,
Not sure if you remember me, but I took your interventionist class a while back and have been using my certification successfully for a couple of months now!
I have my BS in counseling with an emphasis on addictions and substance abuse and am looking at starting my graduate work to obtain an MSW and eventually my LCSW, but in the meantime, I am looking at more certs from your group.
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, and thanks again for the NCIP class, it’s been great!
Brian C Morel, Bachelor of Science – Intern
PTSD Group Facilitator, Military Transition Specialist, Substance Abuse Consultant, Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

Hi Cali,
Thank you for the valuable training today. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while with you.


Dr. Cali Estes is an incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful woman that can get any job done. Her straightforward approach gets directly to the problem at hand and addresses it head-on quickly and effectively. Cali’s knowledge and modalities in the field of addiction are endless. She has a multi-facet all-encompassing approach to her coaching style that can cater to anyone or any type of addiction. She also has an incredible school for teaching others what she knows. I have attended many of her Addictions academy courses and I was blown away by the amount of information she had available on each subject. She carefully went over every aspect of the given certification and gave us every tool possible to become successful in that field. Her classes have been the best course certification classes I’ve ever taken thus far. It was the best decision I ever made in my career to give me the tools and resources I needed to be successful. Not only did she teach me, but afterward she hired me to take on clients in my local area, mentoring me every step of the way. I couldn’t have learned from a better mentor and modeled a more knowledgeable addictions specialist. I am so thankful for everything I’ve learned from Dr. Cali Estes. I couldn’t recommend anyone as a person, coach, teacher, or mentor more highly then I do Dr. Cali. She has changed my life for the best and I’ll always be grateful for everything that she has done for me.

Kevin Parker,
True Warrior Success. Addiction Specialist


Cali Estes, her mentoring style and professional training are a major component to the success of my thriving coaching practice. I have been working with Cali since 2015 and I honestly refer her programs at The Addictions Academy to anyone that asks me how they can get started in the business. In fact, I send coaches to train with Cali and her team before they can be considered as a potential coach within my practice. If you would like a personal review or more information about what to expect feel free to contact me directly at (805)710-2513.

Tricia Parido, Turning Leaves
Master Coach, Program Director

Cali Estes is a dynamic, informed, and energetic instructor who knows her stuff. Rarely am I engaged by a speaker or instructor, but Cali had me sitting on the edge of my seat for two full days of recovery coach training. I also took 26 pages of notes! The class was interactive, included homework, and created a community of individuals previously not connected. Thank you Cali for setting the bar for industry-specific training!

:) Jean Krisle, Founder 10,000 Beds, Inc.

“Dr Cali Estes was a joy to have at our center in PA for AMA/APA block training and it was fabulous. We received a lot of amazing feedback from our staff and loved the breakout sessions”

Sinead Clinical Director of Just Believe Recovery

Hi Cali, this is Amy I was just in your admissions conference training. You are awesome and I know that future practice, with your guidance is going to be amazingly valuable!!.

Doctor Cali Estes, Thank you

Why Choose The Addictions Academy?

Why Choose The Addictions Academy?


The Addictions Academy

What makes The Addictions Academy training different from other training schools and accreditation bodies? Dr. Cali Estes has spearheaded this program since 2013 and has made sure to offer the top classes with the top instructors worldwide. Dr. Cali is an exclusive provider of the OUD education for the state of Nebraska, addiction counseling education provider for the state of Florida, and an addiction counseling and education provider core course for the entire country of Canada. The Addictions Academy holds full accreditation from all providers and bodies, including CACCF (Canadian Board), Florida Certification Board, State of Nebraska, ICF (International Coach Federation), IC&RC (International Addiction Education), ACTPO (Accreditation for coaching schools Internationally), ACT (Christian education accreditation) and more. See Accreditation HERE

In the United States alone there is no governing body, federal or state for intervention training or professional recovery coaching certification. Dr. Cali and several colleagues have been pushing for years to get some standardization of training that is governmentally required. At this time there, is no governmental body that requires a credential for intervention or professional recovery coach training. While the Pennsylvania Certification Board may offer a credential in Intervention, they are a private nonprofit with no state or federal affiliation. They are nothing more than a group to join. Our NCIP, Nationally Certified Intervention Professional accreditation, actually came out a year prior to them releasing the CIP and we have been offering the NCIP since then. We have trained over 15,000 interventionalists, professional, and addictions counselor’s to date. We pride ourselves on the ethics and work environment we create for our students and our staff.

Simply put, The Addictions Academy offers the best International Intervention Professional Certification at 35 hours or 54 hours for the money. We include 10 weeks of supervision in most of our classes, FREE directory listing, access to a job board, two networking groups, and two affiliate ways to make extra income. We also have the only addiction neurotransmitter product on the market, Pro RecoveryRx and you can find that HERE

Some of the other companies have tried to imitate us, a few even took our classes, and then turned around to teach that class. We have also trained 350 top addiction treatment centers and mental health institutions in the United States, Canada, the UK, Costa Rica, India, Venezuela, and more. We are pleased to be exclusive providers to certain countries and certain treatment centers with ongoing addiction training for their staff. If you are looking for the Top addiction training education school and you want the best resources please contact The Addictions Academy.

Here are some extra things we all know that our competitors have never provided. We offer 10 weeks of coaching or Intervention Mentorship with a seasoned and master coach or interventionist, a free 30 day listing in our directory to pick up private clients. We also offer a job board for job placement, two affiliate links for you to make extra money. One of those includes the Pro RecoveryRx signature product line program that helps restore the neurotransmitter imbalances in the brain from using drugs and alcohol that our clients have been experiencing. We pleased to provide work and hiring opportunities for the top 1% of our students upon graduation. You can see our reviews here. You can find our classes here. If you want to see more on our founder who has been on CNN, CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, NBC, KTLA, People magazine, Dr. Drew show, and more. You can find more about Dr. Cali Estes here. We look forward to having you as a student and potentially hiring you to offer addiction recovery coach services, sober companion services, and intervention services to our clientele population. Call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 to get started today.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Extra Time At Home



It seems as though we all have an extended amount of extra time at home on our hands these days. This coronavirus pandemic has us all “reaching into our big bag of tricks” to keep us all highly focused and “locked-in” to make sure we get the most out of the time we have at home or in quarantine. So while some of us are binging on Netflix or daytime TV during our extended time at home, there are others that will take advantage of this time to advance our careers and build our future. There is no better way to spend your time at home than to focus on online training and education to advance your career in the addictions industry and recovery community.

The addictions industry’s leading academy for all addiction and recovery related training and certifications is The Addictions Academy. The Addiction Academy is the industry’s BEST school when it comes to state of the art virtual and interactive online classes and certifications. The Addictions Academy offers you the luxury of enrolling in the addiction industry’s leading classes from the comfort and convenience of your own home or business. When you take traveling out of the equation it opens up a much wider scope of possible class dates for you to choose from. The Addiction Academy has the industry’s most skilled and educated teachers to make sure that, once certified, you come out with the highest of skills and education to corner the market and gain any and all competitive edge for you and your recovery-related business. The Addictions Academy has a vast array of addiction and recovery related classes and certifications and you can find the full class listing at

Our next virtual online class and certification is October 8-9 for Nationally Certified Recovery Coach Professional (NCRC). This includes Levels I, II, ethics, and a full 10 weeks of coach mentorship. Want to learn intervention? Our Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional (NCACIP) class is Oct 15-18 is a very interactive online class that also includes Case Management, Ethics, and 10 weeks of Supervision. This class also includes an introduction to basic mental health disorders, gambling, gaming, food addiction, sex addiction, and more. We also include all books, and you can pick up a copy of our bestselling workbook, forms and contracts book, and also and a copy of Dr. Cali Estes’ best-selling book “I Married A Junkie”.
All of this comes at the extraordinarily low price of $1329 for Recovery Coach certification and &1829 for an Advanced Intervention certification! Financing is available for some upon request. So please contact us today to reserve your online seat.  Put your time towards building your brand and future by calling The Addictions Academy today at 1-800-706-0318 or by clicking the link above!