Questions To Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach

Questions To Cali:

Question #1:  “Cali do you find you make more money as a therapist or a recovery coach?  I want to get into coaching, but I am afraid I won’t get clients.”~ John Tagert, New York

Answer:  “John, Recovery Coaching is a super lucrative field and the clients actually enjoying coming to see you. In therapy, the clients dread coming.  They get stuck in the negative and frankly don’t get very far in years.  In Recovery Coaching, I am able to get further in 6 months using a forward action plan then clients have attained in years of therapy.  Some therapists are excited by the idea of Recovery Coaching and getting cash pay clients, verses having to accept insurance and getting very little if at all.”


Question #2:  “Have you had anyone tell you that it is a disgrace what you are doing and a therapist should not be a coach?”

Answer: “Yes and I find it comical.  I have had a few therapists and uncertified interventionists send me emails that are funny actually.  I started a Recovery Coaching Certification process and I am the only one that took it national.  I think that they are just jealous that I am backed by NAADAC with a full National Certification in Recovery Coaching and a full National Certification in Intervention.  If they were not so busy being jealous, they might actually be able to grow their practice beyond their local zip code.”

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Ask The Expert: Today’s Topic-Therapy vs. Coaching

Question:  “How did you make the transition from therapy to coaching and was it viable?”

Answer:  Cali Estes Says “I was tired of people coming and expecting me to fix all of their problems, it gets depressing listening to all the negative stuff and watching people not make changes, and of course the no show appointments.  Then, the issue of insurance, not getting paid, getting paid less than what you are worth, etc.  With coaching, the clients want to see me, come to all appointments and take action to meet their goals.  Plus they pay me upfront in cash!  I have created a group of certifications to help therapists make this transition.  You can find them at ”