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Tech Addiction: Spending More Time With Tech Devices Than Loved Ones.


devicesInternet and technology addiction is quickly becoming real in today’s society. People are becoming addicted to their phones, their iPads, their laptops and their video games. This internet and technology addiction is causing people to become isolated. Its causing people to lose the ability to socialize and communicate. People are spending more time with their tech devices than they are spending with their loved ones. Does this sound familiar?

It sounds an awful lot like a drug addiction or alcohol addiction. This newly discovered addiction showed its worst face last week in Jacksonville, Florida when gaming addict David Katz, a 24 year-old from Baltimore, opened fire on a bunch of innocent gamers involved in a video game tournament. Two people lost their lives and the gunman took his own life with a single gunshot. David Katz turned his anger on his fellow gamers after he had lost in the tournament earlier in the day.
Katz won the Madden football video game tournament in 2017 and was highly congratulated by NFL players and teams and it appears as though not reaching the same goal this year set him off. This event, as much as any, should show us that internet and tech addiction is for real.
The Addictions Academy has developed a new tech addiction and internet addiction coaching course. It’s called the Nationally Certified Internet Addictions Coach program and its being offered now to all professionally certified coaches who wish to get a head start in battling this harmful addiction. Call us today to enroll in the next available class.
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