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The Addictions Academy Accreditations

the addictions academy accreditations

The Addictions Academy Accreditations

What we need now more than ever is effective and reliable service.  Now, it’s not hard to find a company out there that’s willing to rush and offer speedy solutions just for a quick buck, and reliability is becoming rare with the popularization of this method. However, when it comes to The Addictions Academy, there is no better word to describe them than reliable.

The Significance of Accreditations

Accreditation for all intents and purposes is a method of reassurance for incoming clients and organizations looking to work in tandem with the service in question. It’s a voluntary self-regulation process overlooked by differing organizations of high esteem to not only certify good practices but provide resources to make those practices even better. Whether it be training, or the name alone having certified it is enough to raise the stature of the reviewed organization. Accreditation services may be exclusive to certain areas or countries, and often a good sign of a reliable business is the number of accreditations it’s garnered to widen its use to broader audiences. While it’s certainly not a negative aspect to have a certain area where one offers service, the number of titles backing an organization separates smaller ventures from larger scaling businesses.


Cali Estes’ The Addictions Academy is a strong name in the field of treatment alternatives and its reliability is backed entirely by its frankly astounding number of accreditations. If you wanted to get into addiction coaching, life coaching, Christian coaching – any form of coaching, this is the first place you should look! The ICF, CADTP, IC&RC, CACCF, AACT, CAADE, CCE, the list goes on and on! If those acronyms were enough to leave you wide-eyed, the amount of significance behind each is sure to blow you away. For one, let’s look at the ICF. The hub for all things coaching with nearly thirty years under its belt, the ICF is an iron-clad accreditation provider with rigorous review and testing standards that leave very few able to pass, making it an accolade accreditation.

Another great example is CADTP! It’s one of several organizations listed in California Administrative Code Title 9, Section 13035 authorized to certify drug or alcohol counselors, and that’s for good reason. It’s yet another organization with high esteem and a name to trust, governed by an autonomous board referred to as the CADTP certification board. It’s a non-profit that protects the integrity of the California DUI programs through various means, and its standards fit the current SUD treatment field with modernized tools and a deep verification process. In other words, it’s a strict and valuable name to have latched onto a service, and this is one to look out for when searching for a good addictions coach training provider.

There’s also the CACCF, an internationally recognized provider with certifications, professional conduct reviews, and public protection for counselors, employers, regulatory agencies, clients, and their families across Canada. The IC&RC is an organization with international acclaim that develops credentials and examinations globally, with certification boards in 49 U.S. states and territories, Native American regions, all branches of the U.S. military, and 11 international regions. On top of that, there’s the CAADE which is one of the three certifying organizations approved by the DHCS to register and certify alcohol & other drug/substance use disorder counselors in California with an incredible vetting process hosted by an impartial panel of experts upholding the standards set by the credentialing community.

Now, this is only the tip of the iceberg, with so many other organizations with equal esteem a part of a very long list. Heck, going through it all would potentially take hours to read. The point of the matter is that The Addictions Academy sets a high standard for addiction coaching and these accreditations serve as the backbone for that title. If you are at all interested in becoming an addictions coach, feel free to reach out to The Addictions Academy for unrivaled service and reliability.

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