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The Addictions Academy Announces New Class on Brain Health!

The Addictions Academy Announces New Class on Brain Health!

We are extremely excited to offer this amazing course.  Our Nationally Certified Brain Health Coach training is vital to your client’s recovery success.

Dr. Teralyn Sell is your instructor for this unique class. She is a skilled practitioner in holistic mental health and addiction treatment.

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Did you know that the success rate of traditional addiction treatment is less than 5%?  This is about the same success rate of people who spontaneously quit using on their own.  Traditional treatment is a dismal failure and is missing a key component…brain health recovery.  If you have clients that continue to struggle with mental health and addiction despite your best efforts in teaching them coping strategies and setting goals this is the course for you!  Help your clients succeed in sobriety by including brain health in your strategies.  The need to ‘white knuckle’ their way through a craving or urge is over!  People cannot talk their way into a healthy brain when it has been hijacked by chemicals and yet we expect them to do just that!  That is all changing and we can help!

In our Nationally Certified Brain Health Recovery Coaching course, we will address the importance of rebuilding the health of your brain through holistic neurotransmitter repair.   We will give you the skills you need to provide clients with significantly improved outcomes.  This means more sobriety and less suffering.

Our Nationally Certified Brain Health Recovery Coach training is ideal for Therapists, Addiction Coaches, Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers, Weight Loss Consultants, Health Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Group Exercise Instructors and Life Coaches. Anyone looking to obtain more clients or add more services and credentials to their resume will benefit from our Brain Health Recovery Coach course.

Registration is OPEN for our October 6-7 class!  Reserve Your Seat TODAY! 


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