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The Addictions Academy Faculty Member Wins Coach of The Year Award: Congratulations, Kevin Parker!


The Addictions Academy Faculty Member Wins Coach of The Year Award: Congratulations, Kevin Parker!

Innovative Treatment Solutions announces its 2019 Coach of The Year Awards, and we are so excited that our very own Kevin Parker is one of the winners!

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His story:  Kevin has truly been to hell and back. After a major overdose he woke up with missing body parts, can you imagine that? He has bounced back and helps others recovery from the hell of addiction.  He is a True Warrior. He is a Recovery coach trainer and a life coach triangle faculty with The Addictions Academy.

One client’s story:  I got a call 4am in the morning from a young lady that her 19-year-old brother was in a paranoid schizophrenic state and he was planning to kill himself and he was worried that people were following him.  I picked up the kid In Staten Island and he was in a complete drug induced psychosis.  He thought he was being followed by gang members and the FBI. I found out later he smoked an eight ball of crack cocaine. I brought him to Hackettstown, NJ to his mother’s house, where I had hoped he would snap out of his psychotic state. I spent 12 hours with him trying to see if it would go back to normal with no success.  I quickly started calling up facilities and no place would take him on a Saturday morning in his mental state.  I found a psych ward that would take him, but I had to convince him to trust me and come with me.  He thought he was a rocket scientist, Russian mafia, a professional skateboarder, and a tattoo artist.  He was trying to call his friends who were also in a gang with him to come get him.  I convinced him that his phone was tapped so he took his SIM card out of his phone and snapped it in half.  I got him into the place, and they committed him.  His father, mother and sister don’t live together, and he was playing each of them against themselves.  So, I coached the family separately and together and got them to stop enabling him. When he got out, I flew with him to a rehab facility in Florida where he got clean.  Now I’m coaching him in Florida, where he lives with his sister and he’s doing amazing.  He hasn’t touched a drug or alcohol since he was released.  He got a managerial position job in Walmart and he’s going to church.  He’s working out, eating healthier and, for the first time in his crime filled life, he’s actually happy and doing the right thing. The family and him are super grateful for what I did while working with them and I believe I saved his life.  This was one of my favorite client turnarounds.



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