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The Addictions Academy is growing and announces its new Program Director.

The Addictions Academy is growing and announces its new Program Director.


Rev. K.T. Coughlin Ph.D. is now the Program Director for The Addictions Academy in Miami, Florida. He creates curriculum that not only meets current standards in the industry, but exceeds them.

His courses are both challenging and informative, providing students with the skills, tools, and core competencies that they will need to become the best qualified professionals in the field today. His courses will include the latest on ethics, law, responsibilities, case management, referral through disengagement, both Christian and secular. For the past two decades Dr. Coughlin has conducted workshops and lectures that have keep clients on the edge of their seats: sometimes laughing, crying, intense role playing where you can’t help but learn the material. One of his students described his classes as, “Amazingly fun and entertaining!” Nothing beats wisdom and experience! You can tell the difference when someone loves what they do! The Addictions Academy, where experts come from!
The Addictions Academy was founded to increase education in the areas of addiction that have been previously unavailable to the general public. We offer on site training, live virtual classroom experiences (webinar) or on demand classes (learn at your leisure)in an array of subjects that fit your practice or services. With our extensive availability of certifications, college accreditation and continuing education units we are able to assist you in obtaining new cash pay clients, increasing your client base, or starting a new practice. We even offer job placement and referrals.

We want you to succeed!
The Addictions Academy is comprised of some of the best educators, teachers, doctors and business professionals in the world. We pride ourselves on our highly trained, educated and featured Faculty so we know that you are getting the best of the best that our company has to offer. Our faculty have been featured on the news Nationally and Internally and TV shows and even had films created about their lives. It is imperative that you learn from a successful team that has already built a successful practice in the area that you want to excel in.
We are accredited by the AACT Learning Institution, offer CEU’s through NAADAC, CAADAC and other institutions and we want to see you succeed in your field. To offer you the best in both education and marketing, we offer exclusive membership to the VIP club and The Addictions Academy Network along with hosting Symposiums for you to obtain and procure clients.
If you are new to the Addiction Industry, want to gain individual clients, obtain more clients for your treatment center, open a treatment center or just gain Ceus, we are the premier learning institution for you. Call today at 1.800.706.0318 to discuss your educational and marketing opportunities with our staff!

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