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Therapists, Interventionists, Recovery Coaches, and certified professional coaches are usually great at what they do – help the client. BUT when it comes to marketing themselves and gaining new business, they falter. A lot of people are simply not sure where to start and how to get the word out about what they are doing. Sometimes it is actually asking for the rate they deserve that is the issue. We cover it all in this course. From what to stay to potential customers and clients to closing the deal, we can help.

We offer professional training and coaching programs. Building your Business Marketing 101 is just one of many courses offered as a part of our coaching certification programs. Join us in a LIVE, virtual classroom June 8th for a One-Day-Only exclusive Marketing class!

June 8th 2018

Building your Business Marketing 101. We help you build YOUR unique brand and find your niche in this market. Whether you are just starting out in your business or you want to garner new clients or make the switch from therapist to coach, we cover the steps to take to get new business and keep new business coming in the door. You must also purchase both Course Manuals at $65.00. The total cost of the course and manuals is $1129.00. 
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