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The Addictions Academy Reviews by drug and alcohol treatment centers

The Addictions Academy Reviews by drug and alcohol treatment centers

We at The Addictions Academy love to get reviews from happy clients and customers. Since we train drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, state institutions, and even individuals, we want to make sure we provide top-tier and top-quality training.  Mental health therapists, addictions counselors, behavioral health techs and EMS, EMT and first responders can all benefit from our variety of classes. Nurses and Doctors come to us for continuing education units and cutting-edge training. Dr. Cali Estes, our Founder, is known as ‘The Celebrity Addictions Coach’ and she and her team have now trained over 15,000 students in less than 10 years. TAA is accepted, accredited, and well known in 25 countries and has been translated into 5 languages.

Let me start by saying Thank you AGAIN !!!
Your personality is amazing and it is a GIFT that you have “real life” experience with (husbands) addition.

Have an AMAZING week

Martha Burgess | Staff Assistant II
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services


Thank You so much for the information today. Great presentation!!! Trisha Kellogg
Serenity Lodge, Lake Arrowhead California

Thank you again for coming, The team was super pumped after you left. You definitely made a huge impact on all of us.

Bethany, Clinical Director
serenity Lodge
Lake Arrowhead California

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