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At The Addictions Academy we are different. We want you to be successful and our competitors HATE US for it! We have risen to the top of recovery coach training, certified intervention training, addiction life coach training and we even have a few specialty classes that no other training organization has! Do you know what makes us different?

Our faculty love what they do! We have the most highly educated and most decorated faculty. All of our faculty have been teaching and educating for years. We are not the fly by night company that trains you as coach this week and you are suddenly a peer recovery coach trainer next week.

But that is not all that The Addictions Academy can do for you!

Each program contains 36 plus hours, has at least 2 full classes, ethics, 10 weeks of supervision and more. We focus on professional grade classes for the busy person who wants to learn by virtual online classroom.

We want you to be successful, so we offer a lot of awesome extras, at no cost to you! Whether you take a recovery coach class, an intervention certification class, or you aspire to be a live-in sober companion, we want you to be successful.   Maybe you want to learn the art of addiction counseling, we have that too.

What sets us apart is our marketing programs. We can teach you how to build your brand, position yourself as an authority, get on podcasts, in major media outlets, even help you with job placement. We want our certified recovery coaches to be successful. We have a FREE 30 day directory for you to join, 10 weeks of clinical supervision and coaching mentorship, right at your fingertips.


Take a look at The Addictions Academy vs. the ‘leading’ peer coach academy

TAA: in person, online, self-study video series

Them: in person only


TAA: all inclusive one price. Includes ethics, manuals, exams

Them: Hidden fees, add on costs


TAA; trained, educated faculty with a Bachelor’s or higher, years of education, featured in major news outlets, TV and published bestselling authors.

Them: Their peer coach academy teachers just took the class last week and they are suddenly experts in their field!


TAA: in 25 countries

Them: in USA only


TAA: 10 weeks of clinical supervision with a Bachelors or higher professional

Them: No supervision, good luck after the week is up!


TAA: free 30-day directory, marketing, business branding, help getting clients and a job board.

Them: crickets


TAA: helps you make extra cash with affiliate program

Them: crickets


TAA: networking groups, hands on teachers after training, seals for your website, and more

Them: crickets

TAA: 30 classes, Recovery Coach II, Intervention, Sober Companion, and more

Them:  crickets


TAA: best-selling workbook for clients to make your coaching easier

Them: crickets


But don’t take my word for it, check out our student reviews below.



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