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The Addictions Academy Student Spotlight: Kelly Grace Swift


Kelly Grace Swift

Kelly Grace Swift is a transformational coach, specializing in recovery. Kelly is Nationally Certified as an Interventionist, Family Coach, Recovery Coach, Sober Companion, School Advocate and has a unique service, Healing Environments. A colorful past of writing and directing inspirational televised shows, still used today for inspiring our armed forces over seas, newspaper worthy window displays and creating community service programs recognized and awarded by The White House, Kelly now brings her enthusiasm of moving people’s hearts and emotions into life coaching and recovery. She may be small, but she is mighty, and is passionate about making changes for a higher purpose. Kelly touts her success to a simple formula that has worked with toddlers, communities, designing spaces and special events, to recovery, which is Connection. She taps into peoples senses with words, visuals and music which is aimed at opening their hearts and relating to their souls.
Kelly is unique in the recovery world offering and presenting recovery as fun and exciting through her coaching and blog. Kelly focuses on connection first and foremost and getting her clients to ‘buy-in’ on a new way of living. She works with clients, literally helping them change from the inside-out by working side-by-side from intervention to re-designing their homes and closets post rehab. “You cannot heal in the same environment you were sick in,” is a phrase Kelly often speaks of when working with a client. “So many people have no idea what they are missing, until you give it to them. I love helping them see that they too can create beauty. Creating a place of joy and love and healing-a sanctuary for someone is so satisfying.” Kelly approaches recovery with a new edgy flare that is appealing and refreshing and uses her own funny experiences to put people at ease. To learn more about Kelly, please go to KellyGraceSwift.com and check out her new blog Beyond-Blog.com launched December 7, 2019. The Monarch Podcast soon to come!
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