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The Addictions Academy Teaches You The Essential Skills to Become a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional


professionalHow many possible clients have you seen lost due to an ineffective intervention? Have you witnessed a weak interventionist let the possible client run the intervention instead of the other way around?

We here at The Addictions Academy  1-800-706-0318 have seen it time and time again where just anyone thinks they are an interventionist and botches the most important step in the recovery process, the professional intervention. I think we are all aware of what the outcome could be for someone who chooses not to seek help after an intervention. This is usually a life or death situation.

So how do you get the essential skills needed to be a top certified interventionist in your area? How do you become a top drug intervention specialist? Well, if you want to become an expert interventionist pick up the phone and call us here at The Addictions Academy. The number again is 1-800-706-0318 and we are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week to sign you up for our Certified Intervention Professional Program. In a few short weeks you will become a certified interventionist and will be well on your way to building your own business and making great money while doing so.

Please feel free to click on our web link above and watch the hours of testimonial videos of those who have taken advantage of our certified intervention program and gone on to make a great career and living for themselves.

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