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The Addictions Academy Welcomes JoBeth Evans to the Team!


JoBeth Evans is a Nationally Certified Addiction Recovery and Life Coach. She received her certification at The Addiction Academy. She is accredited through the Florida State Certification Board. JoBeth’s training and experience allows her to work with clients that are recovering addicts that are living a sober life.

When a client works with JoBeth, they get the information they need to change their thinking and live a life of abundance in recovery. She teaches clients how to change their thinking in order to change their lives. By working with clients weekly and biweekly, clients are able to see success early on in the coaching process. JoBeth is very focused on helping her clients get the results they want. She believes that every client has the choice to live the life they desire and she gives them the tools and the process to go through to get there.

JoBeth uses something called The Model that allows clients to coach themselves in between sessions. The Model teaches the client to identify thoughts about circumstances that are creating their feelings, actions, and results. From there JoBeth helps the client identify thoughts that are untrue and replace them with thoughts that are true and serve them as they create the life they desire.

JoBeth has taught college and high school for a combined 7 years, giving her an ample amount of experience working with teens and young adults. She also holds a masters degree in education. JoBeth has a knack for working with young women, but will work with any clients who she believes is a good fit. She is very serious about the work she does with her clients and expects the same level of commitment from them. She brings great energy to each session and makes clients feel comfortable allowing them to be vulnerable and receive meaningful feedback.

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