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The Addictions Academy: What is our IMAC Program, and what can it do for Addiction Professionals?



Addiction coaching, sober coaching and life coaching are quickly overtaking the old school typical rehabilitation programs and facilities. The days of checking into an inpatient drug and alcohol facility for long periods of time are decreasing as we speak.

So what is taking its place you might ask? Well, certified professional coaches are coming to the rescue and they are coming more prepared to help the addict or client beat the cycle of addiction and stay clean and sober for longer periods of time. Success rates amongst clients who are being coached, as opposed to committed to inpatient facilities, are on the rise dramatically. So, you may be interested in becoming a certified sober coach. You may want to help others by becoming a certified life coach. These just scratch the surface of the many certifications that are out there for addiction. You may know an addict who needs help with gambling, sex, food and even social media addiction.

At The Addictions Academy, we offer a bundled package of certifications and classes called our IMAC program. IMAC stands for INTERNATIONAL MASTER ADDICTIONS COACH and consists of 7 core courses and 2 electives.  The core classes are Certified Recovery Coaching Levels I & II,  Certified Life Coaching, Certified Family Recovery Coaching, Certified Case Manager, Relapse Prevention, and Ethics.  You also choose two elective courses which include,  Certified Internet Addiction Coach, Certified Sex Addiction Coach, Certified Food Addiction Coach,Certified Nutritional Coach, Certified Fitness Recovery Coach, or Certified Relationship Coach.

Our comprehensive IMAC program also covers aspects of the business side of running a successful facility and/or program like Admission Call Center training, AMA training, Business Outreach Development and social media presence.  The IMAC program here at The Addictions Academy is perfect for the person who is in this for the long haul and wants to cover every angle of the cycle of addiction. Please take a moment to visit our website by clicking the link above and watch our hundreds of testimonial videos of those who have taken the IMAC program and greatly increased the productivity and income of their programs and facilities.  1-800-706-0318

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