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The Addictions Academy: What is the International Master Addictions Coach Certification and Why You Want it!


MasterIf you are a recovery coach or looking to become a recovery coach, you are well aware that drug and alcohol coaching is hitting the country by storm. Everyone wants to be a certified recovery coach trained in substance use disorders, learning essential life coaching skills. But, what happens next in your training?

Everyone is becoming a certified professional coach in only one discipline: life coaching or recovery coaching. Cross addictions are rampant, and we know that once a client gets the drug and alcohol addiction under control, a secondary addiction will crop up. These include: food addictions and eating disorders, sex and porn addiction, internet and social media addiction, shopping addiction, gambling addiction and more. Not only are there secondary addictions that need to be addressed, as a professional coach you want the best from your professional training and coaching program. You want to be a certified professional coach cross trained in 9 disciplines. We have that, and we are the only company that offers it.

The International Master Addictions Coach is comprised of 6 core addiction coaching courses and 3 electives: We cover Recovery Coaching levels I and II, Life Coaching, Family Coaching, Relapse Prevention, Ethics, Case Management and 2 electives that you can use to tailor your niche market.

We also offer an exclusive marketing class to help you build your private practice. We are the most comprehensive coaches training institute internationally, we are in 22 countries and 5 languages. Our coaching training is approved and accredited and we even teach you the marketing components to kick start your private coaching company off the ground.

If you are ready to expand your practice, offer help as a recovery coach to your clients, a sober lifestyle, addiction continuing care and more, the International Master Addictions Coach certification program is for you.  Understanding cross addiction and learning essential life coach skills are imperative.    We offer paid in full discounts, payment plans and we also can accept some student loans.  Check out our link below, call us at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 or take a peek at our video.



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