Are you a recovery coach, mental health therapist, addiction counselor or interventionist that is tired of the 40-50 hour work week with little to no pay and high stress? Feel like you spent years on your education to chase your tail and not be able to make ends meet? Not sure how to fill your book of clients ethically so you can work less hours and still pay your bills? Struggling with the concept that all addiction and mental health professionals should be the working poor and give back (they should not and we will teach you why)?

Well, if you want more freedom, free time and money we can help you. 

Does this feel like your life?

  • Long Hours *Tired by the time you get home? AND you still have paperwork to submit?
  • Low pay (lurking student loan debt you just cant seem to pay off)?
  • Clients that don’t show and you cant bill their insurance?
  • No clue how to market except on psychology today or doctor offices?
  • Feel like your book of clients is not filling up fast enough?
  • Worried you can not make enough in private practice and have to work for someone else?
  • Feel that you are failing your clients because you don’t have enough hours in the day?

What if you could have this!

  • Cash pay clients, upfront in full (yes this is a thing)
  • Clients that want to come see you and actually do the work you give them.
  • Passive income from additional things you can offer (that actually work) like brain health supplements and more.
  • Done for you templates, workbooks and worksheets to hand out?
  • Business strategy mastermind
  • A Directory listing that produce results
  • Streamline your business so it goes on autopilot
  • Access to on demand deep dive Training: Topics covered:
    • LLC, versus DBA
    • Elevator Pitch (can you pitch in 30 seconds)?
    • Brochures
    • Business Cards
    • Social media, the ins/outs Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook, TickTock and more
    • Social media personal verses business pages
    • How to post on social media
    • How to make good inexpensive videos
    • Social media posting rhythms and what soft, hard posts are
    • Posting styles and tagging rules for social media
    • Website content
    • Know your value and worth
    • What to charge and when to drop your prices
    • When to PPC (pay per click)
    • App tool kit you MUST HAVE
    • Networking
    • Learning your Niche
    • Blogging
    • The art of the One Sheet
    • How to position yourself as an expert
    • Lunch and Learns, what are they and how to leverage them
    • Speaking gigs
    • Directory listing and how to write a Steller ad
    • Writing a book
    • Podcasting and more!