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As Therapy Professionals, you want the most comprehensive and up to date training available. If you already have a private therapy practice

Cali Estes‘s insight:

�� Thinking about getting Certified?  Get the information you need first.

Getting an Addiction Certification is major decision in your career. Have you spoken with a national certification industry leader that can give you answers on all your options to make the best decision possible?  Please ☎ CONTACT Cali Estes at The Addictions Academy 786.709.0479 or email cali@theaddictionscoach.com AND SPEAK TO HER BEFORE YOU MAKE THIS IMPORTANT DECISION.

✔ Will my certification be valid in all 50 states? 
✔ Will they be CAADAC or NAADAC approved and endorsed? 
✔ Will they be a Nationally Approved Evidence Based Practice Training Program?
✔ Will they offer CEUs with reciprocity in each state? 
✔ Will they give you the high quality training program you NEED to gain more cash pay clients in the Recovery Coaching field?
✔ Will they help you start your own business, or stand out from the rest of the Interventionists and Recovery Coaches out there? 
✔ Will they give you the tools your therapy practice needs to be successful?
✔ What are their credentials, and are they Masters level?
✔ Will they give you the most comprehensive and up to date training available?
✔ Will they teach you how to generate more �� income out of your practice or center?
✔ Will they teach you how to gain new Recovery Coaching and Intervention clients?
✔ Will they offer international credentials?
✔ Do they offer the covered ISE Endorsement?

All the best,

The Addictions Academy

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