Addiction Camp Music and Recovery Like Never Before!

A 3 Day Intensive expedition harnessing the power of music in sobriety rolled into an amazing Addiction Camp. Time to become a Certified Music Method Addiction Coach to help others and yourself.  


Addiction Camp Combining Music and Sobriety with Angel Bartolotta of Rock box Music SchoolAddiction Camp Combining Music and Sobriety with Angel Bartolotta of Rock box Music SchoolAddiction Camp Combining Music and Sobriety with Angel Bartolotta of Rock box Music SchoolAddiction Camp Combining Music and Sobriety with Angel Bartolotta of Rock box Music SchoolWelcome to “The Music Method Addiction Camp,” a collaboration between The Addictions Coach and Angel Bartolotta of The Rock Box Music School and Stage. This one-of-a-kind endeavor seeks to meld the powerful forces derived from the passion of learning and creating music, especially as experienced among those who have for some reason hidden from it or been deprived of it in some capacity. In fact, this powerful new realm of recovery is as much for non-music players as it is the musician extraordinaire!

By now you know Dr. Cali Estes, so please meet Angel Bartolotta (aka: Andrew Bartolotta). From a kid banging on pots and pans, to a studio session drummer and hired-gun, touring the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Angel has devoted his entire life to the art of drumming. Today however, Angel is best known as the drummer for Dope, Genitorturers, Team Cybergeist, PIG, Crossbreed, Switched, The Undead and many other bands, as well as being an Artist on the DW, PDP, Zildjian, Evans and ProMark rosters

The “Addiction Camp” is offered exclusively to those who already have at least a year clean and have a foundation in sobriety – this is NOT intended to be used in place of detox, treatment or other therapeutic or clinical support service. It is for those that want to work on their own sobriety and for those that want to understand how music affects the brain and stops addiction to assist others using the Music Method. The Addiction Camp is offered in 3 Day Intensive intervals, four times per year, and takes place in North Port, FL about 10 miles off the Florida Gulf Coast and approximately 50 miles southeast of Sarasota.

The Addictions Academy presents Addiction Camp with The Rock Box


In 2016, Angel along with wife and co-owner Sally Bartolotta, opened The Rock Box Music School & Stage; a place where aspiring and growing musicians can learn how to play an instrument, perform live on stage and record in a real studio – The Rock Box offers it all. With over 20 years of drumming experience, world touring and major studio sessions under his belt, Angel offers much more than the average drum instructor!



The 3-day Addiction Camp provides many key tools shown to greatly enhance one’s stability and level of passion in life and in sobriety, for self, and also to use when working with others. If you are a therapist, recovery coach, counselor or sober companion you need cutting-edge tools to assist your clients. If you are in recovery, you need to know what the ‘next level’ of maximizing your life potential will be for you. We cover it all in 3 days and you leave with a Certification as a Music Method Addiction Coach. Here is what we cover: 

  • Instrumental lessons designed around the client’s passions, likes, etc.
  • Providing in-studio sessions designed to enhance the experience
  • Experience Angel’s proprietary learning method for musical instruments
  • Learn Cali’s proven Coaching techniques honed over 21 years of her experience
  • Copy of the best selling workbook for exercises for your clients or yourself
  • Yoga on the Beach
  • Drum Circles to facilitate growth
  • 10 hours of supervision post Addiction Music Camp
  • Music Method Addiction Coach Designation
  • Local lodging with added meal & nutrition services
  • Daily spiritual and holistic support services designed to address the client’s individual needs
  • And so much more!

*Price includes a copy of Dr. Cali Estes #1 Best Selling Book  


Day 1

830 to 9 light breakfast. Meet and Greet

9-10 Coaching Session (Dr. Cali Estes)

10-11 lesson Drums (Angel Bartolotta)

11-12 Coaching Session (Dr. Cali Estes)

12 to 1 lunch and breakout sessions

1 to 2 music lesson Voice (The Rock Box Teacher)

2 to 3 music lesson Drums (Angel Bartolotta)

3 pm off to Beach Yoga

6 pm Dinner (on your own)

Free Time


Day 2

830 to 9 light breakfast (included)

9 -10 music lesson Guitar (The Rock Box Teacher)

10-11 Coaching Session (Dr. Cali Estes)

11-12 music lesson Voice (The Rock Box Teacher)

12-1 lunch (included)

1-2 Coaching Session (Dr. Cali Estes)

3-4 music lesson Guitar/Bass (The Rock Box Teacher)

3 pm Drum Circle

6 pm dinner (on own)



Day 3

830-9 light breakfast

9-10 music lesson Drums (Angel Bartolotta)

10-11 Coaching Session (Dr. Cali Estes)

11-12 music lesson Voice (The Rock Box Teacher)

12 to 1 lunch (included)

1 to 2 Coaching Session (Dr. Cali Estes)

2 to 3 music lesson Guitar (The Rock Box Teacher)

3 to 4 coach wrap up (Dr. Cali Estes)


Cost is $2499 and includes all music instructions, coaching sessions, 10 hours supervision post camp, 3 days light breakfast, 3 days catered hot lunch, Yoga, Drum Circle and all materials including Cali Estes #1 Best Selling Addiction Recovery Coaching workbook.  Hotel and dinner on own (we have a block reserved for best rate)

Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Coach rarely teams up with other professionals or organizations. When we do, however, you can be assured that our focus is centered entirely around that which is in the client’s best interests. Our many years of hands-on expertise has shown that there exists a certain x-factor component when it comes to how music can touch the human soul and alter it forever. And within that magic, few people can truly rise as being experts within that scope as Angel has…we are very excited to offer this joint endeavor we call “Addiction Camp.”


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Certified Music Method Addiction Coach - IAAP Approved Course