Canadian Counselor

Have you always wanted to help others with drug and alcohol issues? Not sure where to start or what you need to get your certification in counseling through the Canadian Addiction Counselor Certification Federation (CACCF)?

The CACCF promotes, certifies and monitors the competency of addiction specific counsellors in Canada using current and effective practices, which are internationally recognized.

You need hours of training and we have it (and you can learn from home in your PJ’S!)

The Addictions Academy is the largest education provider of addiction studies classes in the world. We are in 25 countries and have trained over 10,000 people in counseling, recovery coaching, intervention classes, and more. We are affordable and accessible to you.

Our 350 hour Core Course Program contains the following training hours:

  1. Clinical Evaluation: 35 hours
  2. Treatment Planning: 30 hours
  3. Counseling: 50 hours
  4. Case Management and Referral: 15 hours
  5. Client, Family and Community Education: 15 hours
  6. Documentation: 15 hours
  7. Ethical and Professional Responsibilities: 30 hours
  8. Understanding Addiction/Treatment Knowledge: 80 hours
  9. Application to Practice/Professional Readiness: 80 hours

We offer each class separately or you can purchase the entire bundle at a discount.

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Give us your Name, Email, and Phone number and we will get you a coupon for $500 off all training in the counselor packages. You can learn in your PJS from home and we are fully accredited by the CACCF.